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Kabbalah teaches that hospitality unites the spiritual worlds.

1:5 Hospitality and the Letter Hei

1:5 Hospitality and the Letter Hei

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Yosay ben Yochanan of Jerusalem said, "Let your house be wide open to guests [in Hebrew, 'revacha']; treat the poor as members of your household…." (Avot 1:5)

"Let your house" refers to the Torah, which is called "a house". May that be open to [the word] "revacha", whose letters can be rearranged to spell "Ruach hei". "Ruach" implies Zeir Anpin, and "hei" implies Malchut. This is to teach us that learning Torah for the sake of [serving] G‑d means in order to unite Zeir Anpin [the masculine principle] with Nukva [or Malchut, the feminine principle], to complete the Supernal Tree and to erect the fallen Tabernacle of David.

Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad is best known by the name of his most famous work, "Ben Ish Chai". 5594-5669 (1834-1909 CE) Prolific leader of Persian Jewry and an important kabbalist. In addition to many works on Jewish law and Talmud, he authored many kabbalistic commentaries.
Baruch Emanuel Erdstein was an associate editor of for five of the ten years he resided in the Old City of Safed, intensely studying Kabbalah He currently resides in Emmanuel, Israel. Originally from Detroit, he has an honors degree in anthropology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and has worked in cross-cultural and Jewish education for over a decade.
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