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Mystical Classics

An anthology of explanations from the Ramban, Rabeinu Bachya, the Shelah, Rabbi Alshich, and the Ohr Hachayim

Completing the Name
In the final redemption, G-d's full name will be employed.
Crown Conflict
Crown Conflict
The failure to re-instate the house of David when there was a chance to do so will not be repaired until the coming of the Mashiach.
Wickedness Acknowledging Good
In the Messianic Era, all previous curses will turn into blessings.
Birth-Pangs of the Messianic Era
The Final Redemption will come via our merits.
The Holy Heart of Times to Come
Kabbalah teaches that in the days of the Mashiach, the heart will not desire evil.
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