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June 11–13, 2016 • Sivan 6–7

What Is Shavuot?
The Big Ten
Guide Shavuot 101 Holiday Insights
The Basics
Experience the Ten Commandments
Shavuot Calendar
What Is Shavuot?
The Role of Children
What Is the Torah?
The Story
Personalities: King David
Holiday Thoughts
The Gift
In the Clouds
The Two Tablets
The Guarantors
The Rebbe’s Messages
Audio & Video   Recipes   Kids
Underage Underwriters
Ten for the Price of One
Infinite Wisdom
Shavuot Insight
Sinai, Shavuot and Today
Recipes for Kids
Healthy Shavuot
Cheeseless Cheesecake
Print & Color
Jono’s Little Mountain Song

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