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Purim Store

Purim Store


Purim is coming soon! There is much to do and so much we need to make the holiday more meaningful and complete. As a service to our readers, we invite you to browse the products below and purchase your essential holiday items. Perhaps you can even pick up a gift for a friend or relative too!



  Colorful Wooden Grogger   Colorful Wooden Grogger
Shalach Manos Box - 3 boxes

  Happy Purim Large Shalach Manos Box
Paper 9.75"x 8.75"

  Colorful Wooden Grogger
Set of 3
  Gift Baskets

$15.95 and up



Guidelines - Purim
Commonly Asked Questions About Purim

  Shaarei Megilat Esther (Hebrew)
by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

  Vedibarta Bam - Megillat Esther
by Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky
  The Complete Story of Purim
by Nissan Mindel



Megillat Esther
New Translation & Selected Insights

  Artscroll Youth Megillah Esther
Complete Hebrew / English
  The Book of Esther
Torah Anthology
by Rabbi Yaacov Culi

  The Megillah - The Book of Esther
by Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz


    Purim - USA  
The Complete Story of Purim
3 Cassette Set
by Levi Goldstein

  Virtual Shalach Manos
Videos, Songs, Games and more

  Purim - USA
Purim Story in Music & Song

Cassette: $14.99
  Farbrengen - Purim 5732
Video discourse by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
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