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The Story of Purim via Twitter

© Esther Rosen
© Esther Rosen

For those of you who don’t know twitter…

@ = directed at someone specific.

# = “file under.”

AchashveiroshAdvisor1: @JewsofShushan PARTY AT THE PALACE!

KingAchash: @AllAdvisors Bring Vashti ASAP #ShowOffTheWife

QueenVashti: @Advisor2 I ain’t goin’ nowhere…

KingAchash: Time for a new wife!

AchashveiroshAdvisor1: @WomenofShushan All the single ladies must come to the palace #UglyNotIncluded

HadassahEsther: I’m not going.

Royal Guards: @HadassahEsther You must come with us.

Heigai: @WomenofShushan Makeup counter is to your left.

KingAchash: Picked my new wife! #Esther

HadassahEsther: : (

MordiJew: @HadassahEsther I am sitting by the gate #WatchingYou

Bigsan&Seresh: Guess what we’re up to!?

MordiJew: @HadassahEsther Bigsan and Seresh out to kill your hubby

HadassahEsther: @MordiJew Will let him know, thanks.

KingAchash: Mordechai saved my life #Chronicles

KingAchash: @Haman You’re gonna be my right-hand man

Haman: @KingAchash Sweet! Everyone is going to have to bow to me now #Power

MordiJew: @Haman Not gonna bow #JewsDon’tDoThat

Haman: Problem solved #GetRidofJews

Haman: @KingAchash Those Jews are awful. Can I kill them?

KingAchash: @Haman Sure, why not.

AchashveiroshAdvisor: 13th day of Adar- Jews are going down!

MordiJew: Oy! #JewsNeedToFast

HadassahEsther: @MordiJew OMG!

MordiJew: @ HadassahEsther Esther, talk to the king!

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash @Haman Please come over for a dinner party

KingAchash: @ HadassahEsther Sure

Haman: @ HadassahEsther Free food, I’m there!

KingAchash: Dinner with the wife and right-hand man #Awesome

KingAchash: @HadassahEsther What can I do for you, Esther?

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash Come over tomorrow with @Haman for another dinner party

Haman: Saw Mordechai today, he still wouldn’t bow! #BuildingaGallow

KingAchash: I can’t sleep

KingAchash: @Advisor2 Read me my chronicles

Advisor2: @KingAchash I opened the book. Remember the time Mordechai saved your life?

KingAchash: @Advisor2 Yes, what did he get?

Advisor2: @KingAchash Nothing, Sir.

KingAchash: @Haman Tell me, what shall be done for a man the king wishes to honor?

Haman: The king must be talking about me #Awesome

Haman: @KingAchash Let him wear the king's royal robes and a crown. Let him ride the king's royal horse.

Haman: @KingAchash Oh! And let a servant walk before the horse and say “this shall be done to the man whom the king wishes to honor!” That would be cool…

KingAchash: @Haman Nice! Find Mordechai the Jew and do what you said #NiceGuysGetRewarded

Haman: Horrible day! At least I get another free dinner tonight #DinnerAtThePalace

KingAchash: @ HadassahEsther Great dinner, now what can I do for you?

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash Please spare my life and the life of my people!

KingAchash: @ HadassahEsther Who would do such a thing!?

HadassahEsther: @KingAchash Your wicked advisor @Haman!

KingAchash: Hanged Haman today. #EvilGuysAlwaysGetFoiled

@JewsAroundTheWorld Don’t forget to fulfill the mitzvot of Purim! Listen to the Megillah, have a Purim meal, send gifts of food (mishloach manot), and give gifts to the poor.

Miriam Wartell is a 23-year-old artist and entrepreneur from Philadelphia.
Artwork by Esther Rosen. Esther is a chief executive homemaker living in Brooklyn with her husband and young assistants. During quieter moments, Esther explores various art forms and creative processes, and welcomes opportunities to share her work with others.
© Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's copyright policy.
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Sam Dumfries February 15, 2015

This is so cool! Now I'll have a more brief version of the megillah to read to my non-Jewish guests at my Purim party! #ThankYouChabad Reply

Anonymous March 7, 2014

I'd like to see this script performed with Mr. Ralph Kipness' Purim marionettes. Reply

Yosef Yitzchak Israel February 23, 2013

Nice! I got a good laugh out of it. Sh'koyach!! Reply

@wbbeinuni February 22, 2013

#classic @miriamwartell did an excellent job telling the story of #Purim succinctly! Reply

Luca February 21, 2013

Great Idea,this is good for let know the story of Purim Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA February 20, 2013

@Purim Fantastic, humoristic way to bring the megillah to all! Great job. Thank you, I certainly enjoyed. This is truly the Jewish fun way. Reply

Daniel Berry Crown Heights, NY February 20, 2013

:) very original and a convenient/fun way to review the story Reply

Anonymous UK February 20, 2013

Very clever!! Reply

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