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The Fast of Esther

The Fast of Esther

The How-To


· The Fast of Esther is not one of the four public fasts ordained by the Prophets. Consequently, we are more lenient in its observance; pregnant women, nursing mothers, and those who are weak are not required to observe it.

· The Anenu prayer in the Amidah prayer, Selichot, and the special Torah reading for fast days are required on the Fast of Esther.

· If the thirteenth of Adar falls on Shabbat, the fast is observed on the preceding Thursday, the eleventh of Adar. Because if Purim falls on the fourteenth, we do not put off the fast for the following day; as is the case for example, when the Ninth of Av falls on Shabbat; nor do we observe it on Friday out of deference to Shabbat. The only public fast that can fall on a Friday is the Tenth of Tevet.

· Tachanun is not said at Minchah on the Fast of Esther. Some people observe the custom of wearing their Shabbat clothing at Mincha on the Fast of Esther, since the Megillah reading follows immediately afterwards unless Purim falls on Sunday, in which case the fast is on Thursday but the Megillah is not read until Saturday night.

Excerpted from: The Book of Our Heritage. Published and copyright by Feldheim Publications.
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Discussion (11)
March 13, 2014
End of fast
The fast ends in Brooklyn at 7:27 PM. To find fast times in other cities check out Staff
March 13, 2014
What time does the fast of ester end ?
Brooklyn ny
March 13, 2014
Can you exercise on this fast?
hello all,

I am fairly new to all this. I wondered what are the opinions about exercise and fasts? I understand that the mourning fasts i wouldn't exercise on but am not sure where this one falls. Thank you for your help :)
February 21, 2013
Re Bangkok
The fast ends at 6:46 PM in the city. Find times for any location in the world via
Mrs. Chana Benjaminson
February 21, 2013
What time does the fast end in bangkok
February 3, 2013
Would like to get email
south africa
March 16, 2011
To Bhuela from London
Don't worry about your question. I have been observant all of my life and needed to come to to double check the times and date of this year's fast! We all have questions - that is one of the great parts about being Jewish - questions lead to knowledge which leads to even more questions. None of us ever stop learning.
Have a meaningful fast, a Happy Purim and Shabbat Shalom
Ms. Kelly Leeba Kinseth
March 16, 2011
to bhuela from London
we only fast for one day from dawn until dusk
Melbourne, Australia
March 10, 2011
Fast of Esther
Hi, while Queen Esther fasted for three days we fast only one day, this year the fast of Esther is pushed back to Thursday, the 17th of March as we may not fast on Shabbat. The fast starts approx an hour before sunrise and ends at nightfall. For exact times in your city please see
Chani Benjaminson,
March 10, 2011
Fast of Esther
Does the fast start on the 17th and ends the 19th. Please excuse me i am learning about observing the Jewish feast etc.
london, uk