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How many ways are there to bake hamantashen? Probably more than you think. Plus kreplach and a host of other delicious Purim recipes.

Purim Recipes

Purim Recipes


As the day that celebrates the salvation of the physical existence of the Jewish people, Purim is the most physical of the festivals. Its observances include giving gifts of money to the poor, sending food portions to friends, and eating a sumptuous meal accompanied by plentiful drink in the closing hours of the festival.

Hamantashen and kreplach, both with their fillings hidden inside, allude to the hidden nature of the Purim miracle. On a lighter note, the three-pointed hamantashen are said to evoke Haman’s three-pointed hat or his triangular ears.

In addition to recipes for these two Purim traditions, we have included a number of recipes you can use for the Purim feast.

The other day someone asked what my plans are for Purim. I think, like every other parent of food-allergic children, my heart skipped a beat and sunk to my feet . . .
Since I only have eyes for kosher, homemade and natural, Purim is perfect time to send a select few some fabulous, homemade, fun and useful goodies...
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Discussion (16)
March 23, 2016
Happy Purim and Happy Birthday Katie!!
March 3, 2015
Anonymous Phoenix Gefilte Emergency
You want to add 1/2 C sugar to boiling water, handfull of fresh dill, one onion cut into two pieces, a bit of black pepper . Add fish and cook as usual. You should be fine
Jerusalem Grandma Rose 😉
Jerusalem Israel
March 2, 2015
please give me an advice.
I did buy Gefilte fish frozen one but by mistake (sugar free). How should i cook it to make it test good like regular gefilta fish. How many honey or sugar should i put in water to boil the fish. Please need help as soon as possible.
Phoenix , az
March 27, 2014
Okay, I am going to give this a try! My bubbie (I am one now-i.e., grandmother) made a flat apple pie on a cookie sheet. It was a cross between a cookie & strudel dough, and it was sliced and eaten by hand. Does anyone have such a recipe. I would very much appreciate a recipe I could use.

Thanks so much!!!!! ~ Carole
Carole Rosenthal
March 16, 2014
Purim in my opinion is one of the most holy days for the Jewish people it shows gods love for women yes but all,mankind
March 14, 2014
Years ago my mother used to purchase hamantashen on the west side of Chicago. Does anyone have a recipes for yeast hamantashen? I could taste them now. Thank you in advance.
March 12, 2014
Kosher Cream Cheese in Canada? YES !!!
I am replying to Janice Barley's comment about Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

I'm not sure why the comments are from previous years but I wanted to inform the readers that there are many Kosher Cream Cheese products sold in Toronto.

I am not Jewish but I often purchase Kosher Products, including Chicken, because I prefer the taste and know that they are "clean".

I live in an area of Toronto where many Orthodox Jews live. The most popular Cream Cheese available everywhere is made by WESTERN CREAMERY (certified Kosher). The taste and texture is far superior to Philadelphia Cream Cheese. There are also numerous Jewish Dairy Stores in Toronto: Daiter's and United Bakery that also sells the best Pea Soup and Cheesecake in the city.
Mary B. Goouch
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March 3, 2013
yeast hamentashen
Ii am searching for the old-fashioned South African recipe for yeast Hamentashen with Poppy seed (mon) filling or cheese filling. Does anybody have the recipe and also, I live in Canada so what cheese would you use for the filling as Philadelphia cream cheese just doesn't cut it.
Hope something can help

janice Barling
February 23, 2013
I want to thank everyone for their comments. Very informative.
February 25, 2010
Have to buy them... mine are not as good as were my mom's... wonder which bakery in L.A. is the best one to buy these.....
seula scotti
West Hollywood, L.A. CA
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