My children are finicky eaters and don't like the Passover meals I prepare for them. Any suggestions?


Passover can be challenging, but there are ways and means to make it lots of fun as well! Here are a few suggestions I'll share with you, from mother to mother :)

Focus on the positive, if your children complain that they miss their regular food, empathize but don't let them dwell on it. Instead, shift the focus of the conversation, telling them that this is an adventure that will last only eight days, an adventure of reliving what our great-great-grandparents did so many years ago... Make it exciting for them!

Involve them in the preparations and processes. My children had a blast helping me clean the refrigerator...and can't wait to set the table for the Seder.

If you have a kosher for Passover oven you can make lots of potato fries which I'm sure they'll enjoy! You can make shnitzel, fried chicken cutlets (dipped in egg and/or potato starch), roast chicken, meat patties, potato latkes or kugel, these are foods children usually like.

For desserts, get lots of bananas and fresh nuts, cut the bananas in half then have the kids roll them in the nuts and stick a popsicle stick in them, then freeze. You can also process different fruits as you would a fruit shake and then put in ice molds or popsicle sticks or plastic cups.

For more ideas, check out our Passover Recipes section.

A kosher and joyous Passover,

Chani Benjaminson,