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Are dried fruits and kosher ice cream kosher for Passover?

Are dried fruits and kosher ice cream kosher for Passover?



I am a student at university living in a dormitory, and I am starting to prepare for Passover. Are dried fruits, such as dried mangoes, cranberries, etc., kosher for Passover? Also, can I use kosher packaged ice cream if it isn't certified as "kosher for Passover"?


Nowadays, food production is complicated. There are many things that a kosher certification organization looks out for that we would never think of, especially when it comes to Passover food. While fruit itself is fine for Passover use, when the fruit is dried it is often treated with other ingredients that cannot be eaten on Passover. You therefore shouldn't eat dried fruit on Passover unless it is certified as kosher for Passover.

Similarly, while you may look at the ingredient list of the ice cream and not see any problematic ingredients, you should still look out for kosher for Passover certification. The same is true for all processed food items. Ingredients that are added in small amounts are not required to be listed. Furthermore, other non-kosher for Passover products may be manufactured in the same plant, sometimes using the same equipment. These are just a sample of the issues that a certification agency will check before certifying a food as kosher for Passover.

The good news is that there are more and more products available that are certified as kosher for Passover. You should be able to find almost anything you need. Good luck!

Wishing you a joyous and liberating Passover!

All the best,

Rochel Chein for

Mrs. Rochel Chein is a member of the Ask the Rabbi team.
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Anonymous March 28, 2016

College Towns It may be difficult in some towns where Kosher for Passover products may be tough to find. I have this problem in military communities where I have lived. Reply

Anonymous Chicago, IL April 16, 2008

Dried Fruit I dry my own fruit. The only thing that is used is electricity to run the motor in the dehydrator. Nothing is added therefore it would /should be kosher. If you dry your own fruit and add nothing it should be kosher for passover especially if you have a kosher kitchen. Unfortunately as Rochel Chein said some of the commercially dehydrated fruits don't list all the ingredients they use.

Consider making your own. Good quality food dehydrators are relatively inexpensive these days $60 - $80 and worth the investment. The dehydrated food is better (frsher) than what you purchase in the stores and you know exactly what is in it. Reply

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