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What is an appropriate gift for my seder hosts?

What is an appropriate gift for my seder hosts?



I've just been invited to attend my first seder ever. I am so excited and want to do the right things. What should I bring as a gift?

Can I bake chocolate chip cookies (no yeast in them)? Or would fruit be better?


Thanks for writing, I'm sure your hosts will appreciate your sensitivity.

On Passover we not only refrain from using yeast, but we also don't use anything which contains flour, with the exception of certified Kosher for Passover matzah. Furthermore, anything we consume on Passover has to be prepared in dishes and utensils that have not been used for leavened foods (unless they have been rendered kosher for Passover use). Your best bet is to send a tray of fresh whole fruit. Other good options include a bouquet of flowers, or a Passover recipe book. I'm sure the gift will be much appreciated.

Click here for more Passover-themed gift ideas.

Click here to read up more on the concept of leavened and unleavened foods on Passover.

Best wishes,

Chani Benjaminson

Chani Benjaminson is co-director of Chabad of the South Coast, coordinator of Chabad’s Ask the Rabbi and Feedback departments, and is a member of the editorial staff of
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Rebecca March 14, 2017

There are many great (and safe) gifts for seder hosts: flowers (lilies especially), artistic seder plate, and of course wine.


Cathy April 6, 2017
in response to Rebecca:

BUT! No lilies if the hosts have a pet cat. Even a few grains of pollen from sniffing a flower can kill a cat. Reply

Anonymous Camarillo, CA, USA via May 14, 2017
in response to Rebecca:

Wine is appropriate only if Kosher for Passover. Even people who don't keep kosher the rest of the year are sometimes strict about Passover. Reply Staff via March 24, 2015

To Anonymous Yes, it's ok to do that. Reply

Anonymous Virginia March 24, 2015

I am invited to my first Seder on April 4. Is it okay to have a flower arrangement delivered early that day? Reply

Mal March 25, 2014

Found the perfect gift Last year I ordered a gift from a kosher website to bring to the seder, and it was the most perfect gift! They have a whole lot of kosher for passover gifts, even for families that have stricter standards. For this year year I just looked and i see they also have a passover kids pack. Will definitely order it so that i can bring something for the kids too...
Hope this helps you all out! Reply

Illysa March 26, 2013

careful with flowers! Hi, I just wanted to add: if your host is Lubovitch, it may not be appropriate to bring flowers. Kosher for Passover wine may be your best bet if you are unsure. Enjoy! Reply

JDV March 25, 2013

What to bring/ How about non alcoholic Kedem sparkling wine? You really can't go wrong and it is good for the kids too! Reply

Mrs. Chana Benjaminson via March 24, 2013

Wine Yes it does have to be kosher and yes, there are many excellent kosher wines out there. Try your local liquor store or online. Reply

malkah Washington DC March 23, 2013

wine for passover Any type of wine or a special one? does it have to be kosher? Is there such a thing? Reply

Debbie in Miami Miami fl March 9, 2013

Seder dinner guest All of these comments have been so very helpful. It is such a special honor to be invited- we are most humbled to be included. We are Catholic and have many specifics too so we totally understand not wanting to make a mistake. I like the suggestion of floral arrangement best !!! Thank you all! Happy Passover to all. Xo Reply

Mrs. Chana Benjaminson via April 11, 2012

Wishes You can wish your friends a Happy Passover any time throughout the eight days of the holiday. Reply

Janet Hughesville, MD April 8, 2012

When do I wish... my Jewish friends a Happy Passover? Is it at the end or the beginning or any time in between?

Thank you... and Happy Passover just in case :) Reply

Anonymous montreal, Canada March 28, 2012

gifts to rbing to a Pesach Seder We give the gift of tzedakah to those who cannot afford a Seder or to Meals-on-wheels. Reply

Erica Hanover, PA via March 27, 2012

Hostess gift because so much preparation goes into the seder and the earlier preparations, I think it is nice to get something for the person who put everything together, a beautiful scarf or something like that for the wife or mom, books for the kids or a pesach game. Don't take the chance about foods being unacceptable. Also, this year the first seder is Shabbat, don't carry anything into a Jewish home once Shabbat has begun. Consider bringing over a present after Shabbat and the two seders. Things will be calmer and the receiver will have more time to focus on talking to you without distraction. Reply

Anonymous Camarillo, CA via February 13, 2011

Re: Vino... Wine is generally acceptable when the hosts are Jewish and it is not shabbos.

However, be aware that wine is not an acceptable gift in these situations:

1. When visiting non-Jews whose religion does not allow alcohol consumption, do not bring wine as a gift.

2. If it is Shabbos, do not carry any gift to the home of Orthodox Jews, unless there is an enclosure around their home and the place from which you came.

3. Do not give wine to someone who cannot drink it for medical reasons. This includes anyone with liver problems.

4. In the United States, do not give wine to a person under 21. It is against the law. However, if their parents are there, you may give it to their parents.

5. Do not give wine to an alcoholic.

6. Do not give wine to a convicted prison who is allowed to be on parole or probation, instead of in jail or prison, only on the condition that he or she does not possess alcohol. Reply

Anonymous texas April 13, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

I do not understand about the enclosure around the house if you are taking a gift. please expand on this Reply

Anonymous Roanoke, VA February 1, 2011

Vino... I was taught growing up to always bring wine when you are a dinner guest. (Assuming you have kosher wine available where you live...) You can never go wrong. Even if they don't serve it with the meal, they can enjoy it later.

(Again, check to make sure it's kosher for passover).

:) Reply

Christopher montreal, canada March 27, 2010

it's helpful... to not make any mistake it's my first one for me too and all the comment were very helpful. thanks for explaining it's appreciated. So I think I will stick with a classic made by myself, a card thanking them for sharing their table and culture with me... I think it's safer because i don't exactly know what are the specific thing they do... so what you think about it? Reply

Chaya NY, NY March 25, 2010

To Stephen My family doesn't buy any processed food. All we buy is: Veggies, Fruits, Matzah, Wine, Eggs, Meat (chicken), Fish & that's basically it.. Everything else is homemade.
Other families however are not so strict and buy processed food. Reply

Anonymous charlottesville September 10, 2009

hostess gift I have appreciated it when a guest sends a floral arrangement early in the day for use on the Seder table. Reply

Duby L. March 19, 2009

Response there are families i know who are extremely careful with what they buy.

Some use more processed ingredients than others. (this particular family i was mentioning does buy matzah and wine, and other foods) but, because each family has their own traditions what they buy, my suggestion would be to stay away from food items as gifts on pesach.

Does that help ? Reply

Stephen Weinstein Camarillo, CA via March 19, 2009

Duby's comment about packaged foods Duby L writes "the mom asked me to take it off the table because they don’t use ANY packaged foods ... "

Do they make their on Matzah and their own wine?

If not, how can you have a seder without using any packaged foods?

Are Matzah and wine sold in non-packaged forms? If they are not packaged, what prevents them from being exposed to chametz at the store? Reply

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