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How Much Do You Really Know About Passover?

How Much Do You Really Know About Passover?

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Bea Devorah Western NY March 22, 2017

Love quizes because little Whoever wrote this up knows people well, or knows that we sometimes don't know all the reasons why. Quizzes like this are humbling, yet with the link to go see more its rewarding and fun. Nice job! I have always loved the saying - You truly know something when that one thing you know is that you don't know much of anything. That and - Bad days make good days sparkle... my Bubby, a blessed memory, G-d bless her soul. Reply

Millisa Davis Claremont March 22, 2017

Pretty good for someone who isn't Jewish! Reply

Rabbi Goldman Johannesburg March 22, 2017

where are the answers please? Reply

Greg Bloom Varna, Bulgaria March 22, 2017

Love this quiz. My wife and I learn a lot by reading the articles from we are in Varna, Bulgaria until the end of May. The little Chabad shul along with the Chabad Rabbi are the only sources of Judaism and Kosher chicken available here. We're great ful that we have that. Reply

Patricia Arcadia via March 20, 2017

Free after 3 attempts! 9/9 after the third try!!
Good, thanks. Reply

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