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Who Knows One?

Who Knows One?


Who Knows One?

Click here to purchase the complete CD.

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dovid goldstein hendon January 13, 2014

here are the lyrics who knows one
one is hashem
in the heavens in the earth

who knows two

Anonymous April 21, 2011

chabad org audio classes I just listened to Passach Music and I was delighted. I was singing along and learning.
I am 83 and I live alone and this was so heart warming. Thanks. Reply

Anonymous April 13, 2011

I loved it!! I am not a child nor a Jew but I am learning what a great way to learn no matter what age you are. Reply

Anonymous Melksham, UK March 30, 2010

nice song First time I listened to this my guidedog walked out the room! Hope the children enjoyed it. Reply

Ms. Robin Jessee March 29, 2010

This is a great song and I'm currently trying to write a song similar to it and I'm going to use it to enter the song writing contest that the Calgary Folk Festival does every year. Reply

Ann - Houston TX Houston, TX January 5, 2010

This song is for children I loved every bit of the song!
Who cares that is flat or off key. Give the gentleman credit, for teaching the children about their jewish heritage. You need to look deeper than just the song! Reply

Lana Wichita Falls, Tex. September 3, 2009

Great! I loved the tune, maybe more for children but his tone did not sound flat to me. Maybe a spot or two but really good way to remember.

Thanks Reply

Anonymous Manty, WI,USA May 19, 2009

wow this song is so off key its not funny but its extremely catchy and i sang it the first day i heard it so good jobs u people Reply

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