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Avadim Hayinu

Avadim Hayinu

We were slaves to Pharaoh...


Avadim Hayinu: We were slaves to Pharaoh...

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עֲבָדִים הָיִינוּ לְפַרְעֹה בְּמִצְרָיֽם עַתָּה - בְּנֵי חוֹרִין

Avadim hayinu lepharo bemitzrayim, ata – benei chorin

We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt – now we are free.

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Even Yisroel Teitler Fl March 18, 2013

pesach this is a new toon. Reply

Anonymous markham, Canada April 5, 2012

Passover This is very different then the Avadim Hayinu I grew up listening to!! Reply

Anonymous Toronto, can September 29, 2009

i needed the song of avadim hayinu for a school project and i found this wesite very useful! it was quick, easy, and very convineint! i look fordward to sharing the wesite with anyone who needs it! I also enjoy looking through these songs when im in a bad mood. thanks, Reply

Anonymous March 20, 2009

Passover I am glad I found this site, now I can sit with my 3 year old grandson and teach him these songs, that is the least I can do. (he picks up hebrew songs in a second) The Mother is very american and nonpracticing. The father which is my son was brought up with tradition, I won't say a very religious home, but we celebrated most important holidays, so I am trying to carry it on to my grandson, as much as I can. Reply

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