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The Lettuce

The Lettuce


The lettuce symbolizes the bitter enslavement of our fathers in Egypt. The leaves of romaine lettuce are not bitter, but the stem, when left to grow in the ground, turns hard and bitter.

So it was with our enslavement in Egypt. At first the deceitful approach of Pharaoh was soft and sensible, and the work was done voluntarily and even for pay. Gradually, it evolved into forced and cruel labor.

Preparation: Romaine lettuce is often very sandy. Wash each of the leaves separately, checking very carefully for insects. (Pat gently with a towel and let sit until completely dry, so that there will be no moisture to come in contact with the matzah.)

Depending on how much romaine lettuce is needed, it can take several hours to prepare. This task should be completed before candle-lighting time on the first night. Prepare enough leaves for both nights and store in the refrigerator. Soaking of the romaine leaves may not be done on the holiday.

Role in the Seder: The lettuce is used in conjunction with horseradish. It is used when eating the maror and when eating the matzah-and-maror sandwich.

Place the leaves in two piles on the Seder plate, one under the maror and one separately at the bottom.

Keep a stack of extra cleaned leaves handy in the refrigerator in case additional leaves are needed.

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Discussion (11)
April 2, 2015
Can I cut the lettuce into pieces or does everyone need to have a whole lettuce leaf
Los Angeles
March 25, 2015
Re: Substitution
Thank you very much for your answer! I get sick every time I eat lettuce. I will try endives.
March 24, 2015
Re: Substitution for lettuce?
One possible alternative is endives.
Eliezer Zalmanov
March 24, 2015
Substitution for lettuce?
Please tell me: Is there any acceptable alternative to lettuce?
March 27, 2010
maror or marror?
This is great information and huge help, thanks so much!

One question though... Is there a reason why maror/marror is spelled differently, sometimes even in the same sentence?
Wendy Banuelos
Whitesville, KY
March 25, 2010
Yes, parsley is a pretty common seder thing.
Fredericton, NB/Canada
April 8, 2009
We used parsely when I was growing up.
Newport Beach, CA
January 18, 2009
make sure you check for insects when your washing the lettuce
lincolnshire, horncastle
June 16, 2008
when you do wash the lettuce make aure that you wash it in a cleaned out sink so that nothnng gets on it! ta ta
london, England
April 10, 2008
Re above: make sure the vinegar is the kosher for Passover kind.
Bklyn, NY
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