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Passover Shopping

Passover Shopping

Not just kosher—kosher for Passover


While shopping for Passover we must be careful that the foods we buy are not only kosher, but are also kosher for Passover—that is, chametz-free.

Starting “From Scratch”

All fruits and vegetables, as well as all kosher cuts of meat and kosher fish, are kosher for Passover, provided they have been prepared in accordance with Jewish law and have not come into contact with chametz or chametz utensils.

The prevailing custom in Ashkenazi communities is that on Passover we do not eat rice, millet, corn, mustard, legumes (beans, etc.) or food made from any of these.

Commercially Prepared Products

Today there are many kosher-for-Passover packaged foods available. However, care must be used to purchase only those packaged foods that have reliable rabbinical supervision which is valid for Passover.

Obviously, all leavened foods made from—or that contain among their ingredients—wheat, barley, rye, oats, or spelt are actual chametz and are prohibited on Passover. Examples are bread, cake, cereal, spaghetti, beer and whiskey.

Check That Medicine Cabinet!

Many medicines, sprays, and cosmetics contain chametz. Consult a competent rabbi as to which ones may be used on Passover. The same applies to pet food.

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Anonymous March 24, 2013

Yes, Pet food can not have chametz either from what I've learned from the past with friends who have dogs. It's not about "pretending that the dog is Jewish" but about you owning and benefiting from a chametz "mixture" by giving it to your pet I wasn't able to post the link here, but do a google search for "pet food chametz free" and you'll see a StarK listing of approved pet food brands for 2013 and a link about law of not benefiting from what you feed your pet. Hope this helps! Reply

Anonymous March 23, 2013

Pet food? Does keeping your pet's diet the same on Passover, even if their food contains chametz, really a problem? Isn't that just pretending that your animal is Jewish? Reply

Anonymous Balitimore, Md. April 29, 2008

Passover I love Passover because having the Seder brings your family together and when you tell the story it talks about your past family. Reply

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