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Passover Wine

Passover Wine

The Royal Beverage


For each of the four cups at the Seder, it is preferable to use undiluted wine. However, if needed, the wine may be diluted with grape juice. (One who cannot drink wine may use grape juice alone.)

One drinks a cup of wine four times during the Seder:

  1. At the conclusion of kiddush.
  2. After telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt, before eating the matzah of Motzi Matzah.
  3. At the conclusion of the Grace After Meals.
  4. After reciting the Hallel.

It is preferable to drink the entire cup each time. However, it is sufficient to drink only the majority of each cup.

How large a cup should be used? One that contains at least 3½ fluid ounces.

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David Heller Halevi Rochester NY April 17, 2017

I am very glad grape juice is acceptable I cannot drink wine as I am very sensitive to the Histamine and Tryamine in fermented wine as migraine triggers. I plan on attending a Chabad Passover for the first time next year. I am also a direct paternal descendant of Yom Tov Lippman Heller. Reply

Anonymous Gladstone, MI April 5, 2014

How does fermented wine fit in with the Feast of unleavened Bread? Reply

Rafael Joachim Cairns, Australia April 6, 2012

Pesach wine Sadly for our American and Israeli cousins, Australia now produces the best kosher Pesach wines in the world. They win prizes at every wine exhibitions and are loved by Goyim as well as Yiddishers. Love you all, a blessed Pesach to you. Reply

Anonymous victoria, canada June 19, 2011

kind of sedder wine What kind of wine can be used for the seder meal..
Merlot, ganarnacha, chianti, etc
Which one? Red or 'white'. Thank you. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for April 5, 2011

Re: wine on Pesach The minimum size per cup is 3.5 oz. (approximately 100cc) and one should drink at least more than half that amount for each of the 4 cups at the Seder. Reply

Sue johannesburg, south africa April 5, 2011

wine on Pesach what is the metric measurement per cup for 4 cups Reply

Stef Torrance, CA March 17, 2011

I forgot to mention ... Thanks for your reply.
I forgot that I meant ... Was it the only kosher wine in the 1950's?
Thanks again. Reply

moshe boca raton, florida March 17, 2011

Not just manischewitz! No, its definitely the most sweet. Any wine with a kosher symbol is great. These days there are a multitude of options. Reply

Anonymous Torrance, CA October 10, 2010

Manischewicz wine Hi, Is Manischewicz the traditional wine that Is used at Jewish religious observance meals? Reply

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