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Preparing the Kitchen

Preparing the Kitchen


Every part of our homes is cleaned for Passover, but we pay special attention to the kitchen, because (a) that’s where most of our chametz hangs out during the year, and (b) we will be using our kitchens to prepare our Passover food.

Dishes and Utensils
Today, most Passover-savvy homes have a special set of dishes, silverware, pots, pans and other utensils for Passover use only. If necessary, certain year-round utensils can be used—provided they are koshered for Passover. This gets rather complex—you’ll need to consult a competent rabbi about your particular utensils, but you can click here for the basic koshering procedures.

Thoroughly clean and scour every part of the stove. Heat the oven to the highest temperature possible for 1–2 hours. Heat the grates and the iron parts of the stove (and the elements, if electric) until they are red-hot. It is suggested that the oven and the stove top should be covered with aluminum foil afterwards for the duration of Passover.

Microwave Ovens
Clean the oven thoroughly. Fill a completely clean container, that was not used for 24 hours, with water. Turn on the microwave and let it steam heavily. Turn it off and wipe out the inside.

To use the microwave during Passover, use a flat, thick, microwave-safe object as a separation between the bottom of the oven and the cooking dish. When cooking or warming, the food should be covered on all sides.

For 24 hours before koshering the sink, do not pour hot water from chametz pots into it. Meticulously clean the sink, boil water in a clean pot which was not used for 24 hours, and pour three times onto every part of the sink, including the drain stopper. Then line the sink with foil or liner.

Refrigerator, Freezer, Cupboards, Closets, Tables, and Counters
Thoroughly clean and scrub them to remove any crumbs and residue. Afterwards, place a heavy covering over those surfaces that come into contact with hot food or utensils.

Tablecloths and Napkins
Launder without starch.

Cars, Garages, etc.
Vacuum your car or van; thoroughly clean your basement, garage, or any property you own. Special care should be taken with items you will be using, or rooms you will be accessing, during Passover.

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Discussion (20)
March 26, 2014
Re: Kitchen aid stand mixer
In general, all metal items may be koshered. The bowls and beaters can therefore be koshered, just as regular steel dishes.

However, when it comes to Passover, there are certain extra stringencies some communities have. For example, the custom in many communities is not to kosher knives for Passover, but rather to buy new knives. The reason for this is, that both the design of most knives, that they have grooves, as well as the function of knives, that they are used with pressure on food, lead to food getting more firmly stuck onto the knife. In order to be extra strict for Passover, we therefore don't kosher knives. On a practical level, it's worth it to have extra utensils which are used only on Passover and stored away throughout the year.

The blades of the food processor would have the same status as knives.

One should consult his local Rabbi as to how he should conduct himself.
Shaul Wolf
March 24, 2014
Kitchen aid stand mixer

can a kitchen aid stand mixer be koshered for passover ? like the motor, bowls whisks etc.
March 24, 2014
signage for retail stores
I saw signage on shelves at my grocery store saying all products on shelves were for Passover and under certification or something. Anyone know where I can find the exact wording to put on my shelves?
March 17, 2013
To Susan
a. A regular pot that has not been used for 24 hours is fine.
b. Yes, an iron is a regular laundry iron.
Menachem Posner
March 15, 2013
Granite and sink question
Should the pot used to clean the sink be Kosher l'Pesach? When you talk about running an iron over the granite counter is that like a "laundry" iron?
April 4, 2012
SINK and CESAR STONE surface
Regarding : "Meticulously clean the sink, boil water in a clean pot which was not used for 24 hours"

The clean pot is a kosher le pesach pot or regular one?

What about a CesarStone surface? must be covered or not?
March 25, 2010
pouring water
I believe that the rock has to be passed as the water is being boiled.

Also not pouring hot water into the sink for 24 hours, this would be any hot water not only from a chometz pot.
New Haven, CT
April 10, 2009
I cover the shelves in my refrigerator with paper. My sister insists this is unnecessary - says just need to be cleaned thoroughly. Could you clarify this, please.
Modiin, Israel
April 9, 2009
To Help SAAFA understand
I am not religious but i am learning. I moved to London and was lucky enough to be taken into the chabad community. My initial reaction was similar to Saafa's, but after being with them for months I began to see how happy keeping each commandment made all the people around me. It made them feel at peace, and spiritual.
I then had to look at myself and examine why it had bothered me so much that others went to such lengths to feel spiritual. I came to the decision that it was a number of reasons. I now feel that it is so amazing that people are able to find such peace and spirituality in the rituals, but this is actually not unique to Judaism. Buddhist monks have their own rituals which allow them to feel spiritual as do Christians, Muslims and nearly every if not all organised religions. what you need to do is try to understand why you feel uncomfortable with the concept of spirituality achieved through the practice of ritual and find something that makes you feel spiritual.
Carli Sager
Cape Town, South Africa
April 7, 2009
"so-called me above (posted 4/6/09)"
I feel sorry for SAAFA. If one doesn’t understand the deeper meaning of what he/she is seeing, it might LOOK like prison. Did he/she learn in Hebrew school for at least 10 hrs/wk for not just 6 years? 6 years is a preparation to begin learning. Just like elem. school is a prep. to BEGIN for the public sch. subjects.
Look at the Jewish People. Since Abraham, centuries and centuries ago, the Jewish people, G-d’s chosen people, remained intact. Most everyone followed what G-D COMMANDED us to do. Yes, US to do. The Jews had ONE religion. There was no WHO IS A JEW? question. The vast majority of women who have gotten together with a man today are either INTERMARRIED (Jewish, Non-Jewish, Other) or a SINGLE MOTHER. Self-caused teenage deaths (drugs, alcohol, etc.-- directly and indirectly -- and unknowingly killing their own fetuses) were almost impossible to find. Judaism has gone down the barrel.
Make G-d happy. Try'll be happy you did.
David Sarota
Malden, MA