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Preparing the Kitchen

Preparing the Kitchen


Every part of our homes is cleaned for Passover, but we pay special attention to the kitchen, because (a) that’s where most of our chametz hangs out during the year, and (b) we will be using our kitchens to prepare our Passover food.

Dishes and Utensils
Today, most Passover-savvy homes have a special set of dishes, silverware, pots, pans and other utensils for Passover use only. If necessary, certain year-round utensils can be used—provided they are koshered for Passover. This gets rather complex—you’ll need to consult a competent rabbi about your particular utensils, but you can click here for the basic koshering procedures.

Oven and Stove
Thoroughly clean and scour every part of the oven and stove. Heat the oven to the highest temperature possible for 1–2 hours. Heat the grates and the iron parts of the stove (and the elements, if electric) until they are red-hot. It is suggested that the oven and the stove top should be covered with aluminum foil afterwards for the duration of Passover. A self-cleaning oven should be run though a full cleaning cycle and may then be used (but no hot Passover foods or dishes should be placed on the glass door).

Microwave Ovens
Clean the oven thoroughly. Fill a completely clean container, that was not used for 24 hours, with water. Turn on the microwave and let it steam heavily. Turn it off and wipe out the inside.

To use the microwave during Passover, use a flat, thick, microwave-safe object as a separation between the bottom of the oven and the cooking dish. When cooking or warming, the food should be covered on all sides.

For 24 hours before koshering the sink, do not pour hot water from chametz pots into it. Meticulously clean the sink, boil water in a clean pot which was not used for 24 hours, and pour three times onto every part of the sink, including the drain stopper. Then line the sink with foil or liner.

Refrigerator, Freezer, Cupboards, Closets, Tables, and Counters
Thoroughly clean and scrub them to remove any crumbs and residue. Afterwards, place a heavy covering over those surfaces that come into contact with hot food or utensils.

Tablecloths and Napkins
Launder without starch.

Cars, Garages, etc.
Vacuum your car or van; thoroughly clean your basement, garage, or any property you own. Special care should be taken with items you will be using, or rooms you will be accessing, during Passover.

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miriam melbourne April 8, 2017

Refrigerator liners bought in stores - white pieces of plastic made in a lace pattern, are they okay to put to line the fridge for Pesach? They create a barrier from the food to the fridge, but they have small holes as they are patterned like lace, so technically they are not a complete covering. Is this okay to cover the fridge with? thanks Reply

Anonymous April 8, 2017

Hello rabbi, I will not be cooking for Passover. Do I still need to cover my kitchen counter tops? Thank you Reply

Simcha Bart for April 10, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

If you will be using the countertops for food items, they should be covered nonetheless. It goes without saying that the counters are clean without any Chametz visible. Reply

Anonymous Amherst March 30, 2017

Is it possible to kasher pans, plates, and utensils for Passover? Reply

Simcha Bart for March 31, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

As the article above states, in many instances it is possible, depending on the specific item - please see here for the general guidelines how to Kasher different items for Passover use. Feel free to contact Ask the Rabbi with detailed questions.

Anonymous Long Branch,NJ March 27, 2017

I did my kitchen over this year and used quartz for countertops. Can this be kashered with boiling water and/or covered with paper as well? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for March 29, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Quartz countertops may be kashered for Passover using the described methods. Reply

Simcha Bart for Los Angeles April 22, 2016

You need to let it run until the self-cleaning mode shuts off. Reply

Anonymous April 18, 2016

My oven has the Self-Cleaning feature, but I don't think that there's a long do I need the self cleaning on for? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for April 13, 2016

Re: Food Processor Being that the base sits on the counter with chametz during the year, it should not be used for Passover. Same goes for anything that comes in contact with chametz during the year. Reply

Jennifer bullock Edison, NJ April 12, 2016

Can a food processor base/motor that is used during the year/chometz be used on pesach if the bowl and blades are new? Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov for March 10, 2016

The following countertops cannot be koshered: Cement, ceramic, glass, porcelain. Reply

Anonymous Maitland March 10, 2016

What countertops can be koshered? Reply

Menachem Posner Chicago January 24, 2016

To Sima in Worcester a. You do indeed need to use a different sponge for your kosher-for-passover dishes. If your soap container is clean, technically, you need not change it. However, since it sits around near food, it would be advisable to get a fresh bottle.
b. If the sink is koshered for Passover, you can then put your dishes into the sink. Note that some have the custom of covering it even though it has been koshered.
c. Koshering a dishwasher for Passover use is not a simple feat. If you feel that it is very important for you to have a dishwasher on Passover, please speak to your community rabbi about what options may be available to you and your dishwasher.
d. It is generally safe to turn on the oven for that much time. If you have any specific concerns, I suggest that you talk to an electrician or appliance specialist.
e. There are different approaches to koshering a microwave for Passover. A quick google search will reveal the suggested method of the major kosher agencies in the US. Reply

Sima Worcester, MA January 8, 2016

passover First of all thanks for this amazing website and all useful information, seriously this website is life saver into my eyes! I have a question regarding the cleaning whole kitchen before passover arrive, after cleaning and getting sink ready for passover, do we need to have a separate sponge and soup during passover for washing dishes? Can I put any of passover utensils , pots, silverware and etc into sink , even if they sink is cleaned for passover? is it possible to use dishwasher for passover utensils? is it safe to have oven turn on, on highest temp for 1-2 hours? and last but not least, is it ok to use regular microwave during passover? if yes, how do i prepare it for passover?

Thank you very much
shabbat shalom Reply

Shaul Wolf March 26, 2014

Re: Kitchen aid stand mixer In general, all metal items may be koshered. The bowls and beaters can therefore be koshered, just as regular steel dishes.

However, when it comes to Passover, there are certain extra stringencies some communities have. For example, the custom in many communities is not to kosher knives for Passover, but rather to buy new knives. The reason for this is, that both the design of most knives, that they have grooves, as well as the function of knives, that they are used with pressure on food, lead to food getting more firmly stuck onto the knife. In order to be extra strict for Passover, we therefore don't kosher knives. On a practical level, it's worth it to have extra utensils which are used only on Passover and stored away throughout the year.

The blades of the food processor would have the same status as knives.

One should consult his local Rabbi as to how he should conduct himself. Reply

Anonymous March 24, 2014

Kitchen aid stand mixer hello

can a kitchen aid stand mixer be koshered for passover ? like the motor, bowls whisks etc. Reply

Anonymous Austin March 24, 2014

signage for retail stores I saw signage on shelves at my grocery store saying all products on shelves were for Passover and under certification or something. Anyone know where I can find the exact wording to put on my shelves? Reply

Menachem Posner March 17, 2013

To Susan a. A regular pot that has not been used for 24 hours is fine.
b. Yes, an iron is a regular laundry iron. Reply

Susan March 15, 2013

Granite and sink question Should the pot used to clean the sink be Kosher l'Pesach? When you talk about running an iron over the granite counter is that like a "laundry" iron? Reply

Anonymous L.A., USA via April 4, 2012

SINK and CESAR STONE surface Regarding : "Meticulously clean the sink, boil water in a clean pot which was not used for 24 hours"

The clean pot is a kosher le pesach pot or regular one?

What about a CesarStone surface? must be covered or not? Reply

Anonymous New Haven, CT via March 25, 2010

pouring water I believe that the rock has to be passed as the water is being boiled.

Also not pouring hot water into the sink for 24 hours, this would be any hot water not only from a chometz pot. Reply

Anonymous Modiin, Israel April 10, 2009

Refrigerator I cover the shelves in my refrigerator with paper. My sister insists this is unnecessary - says just need to be cleaned thoroughly. Could you clarify this, please. Reply

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