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Why the Emphasis on Telling the Passover Story?

Why the Emphasis on Telling the Passover Story?


We read in the Haggadah text, from which the Passover seder service is conducted, “Everyone who discusses the exodus from Egypt at length is praiseworthy.”

Why is such a strong emphasis placed on telling the Passover story? Why is such a strong emphasis placed on every person to tell the Passover story? Couldn’t we simply sit around the table, relax, lean back in our chairs, and enjoy our current state of freedom?

We read in the verse (Exodus 10:2), “And in order that you should tell into the ears of your children and grandchildren… and you will [all] know that I am your G‑d.”

The verse does not say, “And the person will know that I am your G‑d.” It is written in form of inclusionary, “And you will [all] know.”

When one relates the story, one not only relates it for the sake of the other person. By telling the story, it comes to life for both the one who is telling the story and the one who is listening.

The purpose of retelling the Passover story is not just to read another thriller. The purpose of retelling the Passover story is not just to read another thriller. It is for the story to become a part of one’s daily life. Through telling the story, reviewing it with those at your table, and discussing it with them, you will be able to relive the exodus at your Passover seder.

Adapted from the written notes of Passover commentary of my grandfather, the venerated scholar and teacher Rabbi Chaim Meir Bukiet, of blessed memory.

Dovid Zaklikowski is a freelance journalist living in Brooklyn. Dovid and his wife Chana Raizel are the proud parents of four: Motti, Meir, Shaina & Moshe Binyomin.
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john smith fort lauderdale, fl April 18, 2011

i'm wondering i am wondering how many egypts there will be and have been from the original before people get it! there are two egypts, the world from within and the one world outside ourselves. it seems both are constant and never ending struggle.
i am wondering if there was an egypt from within before Moses but he was the first to notice G-ds message and follow the chosen path? was it there all along from adam and eve, from the original sin? was this his original path that was taken to create the light from within? from the inside out and not from the outside in?
it seems the "key" has always been from within and as soon as the rest of the world catches up maybe we can live in peace. some will not go easily and fight it every step of the way destroying everything else around them including this country! Reply

Michelle April 16, 2011

thank you it has helped me this season to learn alongside you for all of us to see and understand that our freedom... associated with material living... is not the whole picture and to liken the events of the past to today so that we may learn to bring the peace dwelling within each and every one of us out from it's safe haven and return it to the World for all to share regardless of who or what or where they ... are...

blessings and light be yours. i pray all eyes remain on G-d for all our answers daily before ... we ... act... and i pray for all those who continually live in fear... or live with live and/or emotional shells that shatter when destroyed affect their peace and wellbeing and the whole thread of all our existence. Reply

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