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Chametz's Final Moments

Chametz's Final Moments

The Burning of the Chametz

Courtesy Sholom Wilhelm / Unique Image Advertising
Courtesy Sholom Wilhelm / Unique Image Advertising

On the morning before Passover, chametz may be eaten until the fourth hour of the day. After that, only foods that are kosher for Passover are eaten. We don’t eat matzah, though. We’re saving that for the Seder.

Since even a minute amount of chametz is prohibited, we carefully rinse, brush, and floss our teeth, to ensure that we really have gotten rid of all the chametz within us.

Now we’ve got an hour to put away all the chametz utensils, and any other chametz that will be sold over Passover, in their designated areas, and gather the rest of the chametz together for the burning of the chametz.

The Burning of Chametz

On the morning before Passover, before the fifth hour, we burn all the chametz that was found during the search, and anything that was left over from breakfast and not stored with the chametz that will be sold to the non-Jew. (This should have already been arranged with your Rabbi, or online.)

After the chametz has been burnt in the fire, we recite the following declaration:

All leaven or anything leavened which is in my possession, whether I have seen it or not, whether I have observed it or not, whether I have removed it or not, shall be considered nullified and ownerless as the dust of the earth.

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Jordan Jay Ilford April 3, 2015

Feather and Spoon issues From (htt p ww w. chabad . org/holidays/passover/pesach_cdo/aid/1483403/jewish/Why-the-Spoon-and-Feather.htm):-


When searching for leavened foods, chametz, on the night before Passover we carry a candle, a spoon and a feather. I understand that the purpose of the candle is so that we can see the bread, but is there a good reason for the spoon and feather?


There are reasons for both the spoon and the feather.

We search with a wooden spoon so that we can burn it later. We read in the Code of Jewish Law1 that if one does not find any leavened foods during his search, he should burn the vessel with which he searched.2

This can be easily accomplished with a wooden spoon. Even nowadays, when we put out ten pieces of bread (so we always find something leavened), there is still significance to burning the bread specifically in a wood-fuelled fire.3

The feather serves a practical purpose. We can use it to sweep up any crumbly bits of leavened food that we may encounter. Reply

Jordan Jay Ilford April 3, 2015

feather Can't remember - do we burn the feather and spoon too or is that ok and just chuck it? Reply

Anonymous New Haven March 25, 2013

To: Anonymous in Rishon LeZiyon B"H

You can lock it away and sell it (It will be bought back shortly after Pesach), to my understanding. You can use this handy form to do so, and there should be more links to more information:

A kosher and happy Pesach! Reply

Anonymous Rishon LeZiyon April 18, 2011

Having to make my tooth-brush... & electric shaver-head..."Kosher for Passover"? I know, it might sound silly, but I own some 'expensive and delicate' ones in my possession.
Especially my tooth-brush (Oral-B) was used to clean my teeth from CHAMETZ (!) during the last few months and it is (as is is supposed to be full of 'DIRT'. (a.k.a.: During Passover; Chametz)
Please advise if it is still permissible to keep them in my household, - or if not, how to "kasher' them without destruction.
Thanks in advance,

PS: I know that I am hitting the SEND-button at 1:00PM, but pls answer. Reply

Rabbi Menachem Posner April 14, 2011

RE: The hours of last chametz The hours are calculated according to the position of the sun. beginning at daybreak and ending at sundown, the day is divided into 12 equal parts—which are the hours of Jewish law. You can use our handy calculator 143790 to learn when those times (and hours) are in your area. Reply

Michael Stein Coral Springs, fl April 13, 2011

The hours of last chametz How do we count the hours; fourth, fifth etc. From what starting point? Reply

Michoel Shraga HaKatan via March 28, 2010

Spoon In my experience, we burn the spoon as well. It adds lots of fuel, and we just get a new one every year. Reply

Anonymous Toronto, ON via March 28, 2010

Burning of Chametz Just wanted to double check that we burn just the bread we searched for and the feather... but we don't burn the wooden spoon? Reply

Randi Brenowitz Palo Alto, CA via April 17, 2008

Chametz THANKS for this information. It was EXACTLY what I needed. Reply

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