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Is Honey Kosher for Passover?

Is Honey Kosher for Passover?



Must 100% pure honey be certified kosher for Passover? How about the rest of the year? Why?


Although 100% pure honey does not require kosher certification during the year, I have seen that the Star-K recommends that only honey that is certified as kosher for Passover be used on Passover. This is because some unscrupulous companies have been found to dilute their honey with corn syrup (which is considered kitniyot and avoided on Passover by Ashkenazi Jews). This has been the case even when the product was labeled "100% pure honey."

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov

Rabbi Eliezer Zalmanov is co-director, along with his wife Chanie, of Chabad of Northwest Indiana, and a member of's Ask the Rabbi team.
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Anonymous san francisco February 24, 2016

a further question. is honey in a jar opened not during pesach okay to use during pesach? Reply

Mr. Levi Bookin April 18, 2011

Butal beShishim And not if it is deliberate. Reply

Zev Melbourne, Australia March 20, 2010

Kosher status of Honey cont. Dear Rabbi Freeman

Thank you for correcting some of the misguided e-mails which my posting has generated. As regarding your comment 'we do not nullify a forbidden substance deliberately'. The substance is being nullified at the factory level and has nothing to do with the consumer. This principle is used frequently in Kashrut sertification everywhere. It is also interesting to note that the Shulhan Aruh states clearly that honey Can Not attain a status of non-kosher(!) due to the fact that the taste of meat would cause it to be 'spoiled' (lifgam). This is not in relation to Pesach, but something you readers might find surprising. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman March 18, 2010

Re: Dear Zev 1. Corn syrup is not chametz. It is kitniyot.

2. You are correct that during Pesach, the rule of one-sixtieth does not apply. If, however, something was annulled before Passover one part in sixty, that remains its status during Passover.

Nevertheless, these products are still not considered kosher for Passover, since "we do not nullify a forbidden substance deliberately." Reply

Anonymous San Francisco, ca March 17, 2010

Dear Zev there's no "batul b'shishim" when it comes to chametz. Reply

Eliezer Zalmanov March 17, 2010

Dear Zev Please see this link for the Star-K's position on the matter: Reply

Zev Melbourne, Australi March 16, 2010

Dear Eliezer I hope you know that if the honey was diluted before Pesach and the taste of the corn syrup is not discernible (which it isn't), the rule of 'bitul b'shishi' would apply. Therefore the honey would still be kosher for Passover. Please tell readers the whole story next time, or consult the Shulhan Aruh if in doubt. Reply

Dara Miami, fl March 16, 2010

raw honey what about pure, unfiltered, raw honey? does the same thing apply?
thanks. Reply

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