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Traditional prayer, sung after the lighting of the menorah.

Haneirot Halalu

Haneirot Halalu


Haneirot Halalu

Traditional prayer, sung after the lighting of the menorah.

After the Chanukah lights are kindled, it is customary to recite or sing the Haneirot Halalu hymn.

Ha-nei-rot ha-lo-lu o-nu mad-li-kin
Al ha-te-shu-ot ve-al ha-ni-sim ve-al ha-nif-la-ot,
She-a-see-ta la-avo-tei-nu ba-ya-mim ha-heim biz-man ha-zeh,
Al ye-dei ko-ha-ne-cha ha-ke-do-shim,
Ve-chol she-mo-nat ye-mei cha-nu-kah ha-nei-rot ha-la-lu ko-desh hem,
Ve-ein la-nu re-shut le-hish-ta-meish ba-hen,
E-lo lir-o-tan bil-vad, ke-dei le-ho-dot u-le-ha-leil le-shim-cha ha-ga-dol
Al ni-se-cha ve-al nif-le-o-te-cha ve-al ye-shu-o-te-cha.


We kindle these lights [to commemorate] the saving acts, miracles and wonders which You have performed for our forefathers, in those days at this time, through Your holy priests. Throughout the eight days of Chanukah, these lights are sacred, and we are not permitted to make use of them, but only to look at them, in order to offer thanks and praise to Your great Name for Your miracles, for Your wonders and for Your salvations.

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David Lugowski December 3, 2017

Hi--does anyone know who wrote the lyrics and music for this wonderful song, or more about the song's origins? Thanks!! Reply

Anonymous Oxnard December 26, 2016

Happy Hannukah!! Miracles and wonders to all. Reply

Anonymous Peachtree City December 24, 2016

thankful for the beautiful music Reply

Anonymous Toronto December 24, 2016

Thank You Thank you so much for taking the time to write the prayers and translations. How very kind and thoughtful of you. Much appreciated. A happy healthy and safe Channuka. Reply

alive China December 23, 2016

thanks for song,it is so beautiful, Reply

Leta Rosetree December 19, 2016

Chanukah Thank you. Thank you for rekindling my 77 yr old spiritual roots . Shalom. Reply

Leta Rosetree Seattle, Washington December 19, 2016

This music/song of such beauty and strength of spirit moves me now; though a Jew, I am not Jew-ish; I have not been so moved most of my life. Thank you for awakening in me this lost part. Reply

Ady Australia November 25, 2016

Haneirot Halalu I listened to this hymn for the first time today in preparation to the holiday/s of Chanukah. Even though I don't know much Hebrew, let alone to sing it, my spirit was greatly stirred while listening to it in Hebrew and I had the feeling that it was a part of me - of my past! thank you. Reply

Tally Canada December 13, 2015

Wonderful Memories I was born in Israel and this is one of the traditional songs I remember singing fondly!

Thank you and chag sameach Reply

Lauren December 8, 2015

Wonderful! I'm Bal Teshuva and have never heard this song before- but it totally elevated my Hanukkah! Many thanks! Reply

Stacey Toronto December 16, 2014

Great... Happy and Light filled.... love it! Reply

Aaliyah Folsom December 7, 2014

LOVE IT Can totally imagine a whole bunch of dudes dancing. Reply

Anonymous United States November 25, 2014

my daughter-in-law is Jewish I know it is important to her so I am trying to understand her ways Reply

Monique South Carolina April 11, 2014

Chanukah in April Chanukah in April - my daughter loves listening to this music anytime of year! Reply

David Esparza November 27, 2013

this is my first time I hope to get better next year wishing all Happy Hanukkah Reply

Liebe Feiga Schulman, MD Jerusalem, Israel November 27, 2013

Thank you for the clarification Dear Mrs. Benjaminson,

Thank you so much for clarifying the role that R'Fried had in singing the song, but that he was not the author of the song. I think it's very important to make it clear who did what on a page, lest we place a stumbling block before the many people who are new to Yiddishkeit who find themselves, quite literally, on Thank you very much! Reply

Mrs. Chana Benjaminson via November 27, 2013

To Leib Schulman This page was not written by Avraham Fried, rather, he is the singer of the song featured on this page. Reply

Liebe Schulman Jerusalem, Israel November 27, 2013

Clarification First, thank you so much for the beautiful recording. Next, could you please clarify which part of this page is written by R'Fried, since Ha'Neirot Hallelu is a traditional song?

Thank you and Chag Chanukah Sameach! Reply

Jonathan Great Neck, NY December 16, 2012

Feels like there was a choir concert in my living room, playing that on my PC. Loved it! Thank you! Chag sameach, happy Chanukah! Reply

Lois Dunlap December 12, 2012

How can I explain how wonderful it was (alone in a commuter apartment) to say the prayers then listen to the songs. All of a sudden I wasn't alone my heart was full. LD Reply

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