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Chanukah Gelt

Chanukah Gelt

Chanukah Money Gifts


During Chanukah it is customary to give gelt (money) to children, so that we can teach them to give some of it to charity—and just to keep things festive and happy. Some have the admirable custom of gelt-giving each weeknight of Chanukah. In Chabad, it is customary to give gelt every night, but to hand out a heftier sum on the fourth or fifth night.

Click here for some deeper reasons for the Chanukah gelt custom.

On Chanukah, it is also customary to increase one's daily disbursement to charity.

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Discussion (3)
November 26, 2015
I was wondering if there is a certain amount we should give our children?
December 9, 2009
We hope this Hanukkah is one of the best ones yet!
Happy Hanukkah!! We all love Hanukkah and we hope all of you do too. Everyone have fun playing dreidel and eating potato latkes. Especially, lighting the menorah for eight days!!
The Litmanovich Family
Lincoln, RI
December 4, 2007
Happy Hanukkah!!!!
Our hope is that everyone enjoys the festive holidays of this and all years!
John,Maria,Jack,and Rose Gray
Groveland, Mass USA
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