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Lighting the Menorah; a song about this sacred tradition.

Ner Rishon

Ner Rishon


Ner Rishon

Lighting the Menorah; a song about this sacred tradition.
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Ner Rishon
Ner Sheni
Ner Shelishi
Ner Revii
Ner Chamishi
Ner Shishi
Ner Shevii
Ner Shemini

We put them in starting from the right
we add one more on every night
But don't forget when you start to light
To do it from the left to right

The Shamash is highest it's the ner (ed. note: candle)
That lights every wick from here to there
No other candle can compare
to the shamash the highest ner.

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miril ny December 8, 2010

why!?!? why download it? just click on it, it works!! Reply

Chani Benjaminson, December 9, 2009

Re: Download I'm sorry! This song cannot be downloaded due to copyright concerns, however you can purchase it at this link. Reply

mark g. penanueva legazpi, philippines December 9, 2009

i like i like it but i want to download this...but how? Reply

chaya gr, MI December 2, 2009

is there any way that i can download this song? Reply

rami dressler fresh meadows , new york March 25, 2009

we willnot be brought down i love to know that the light will always shine on the jewish people.the lights will be brighter every year..enjoy every minute of this fabulous holiday. chag sameach Reply

Menachem Posner for December 23, 2008

To Sandy Actually, the song has it right (no pun intended).

We first light only the rightmost candle, and add one toward the left each night. When we actually kindle the lights, we begin with the new one (on the left) and move toward the right. We do so since the newly added light demonstrates the constantly increasing miracle of the lasting oil in the Holy Temple (Code of Jewish Law 676:5). Reply

Sandy Portland, OR December 22, 2008

left to right?? The candles are meant to be lit from right to left not left to right. I love this song, but it's wrong. Reply

rami dressler queens, n.y. December 21, 2008

g d bless every jew. enjoy chanukkah Reply

Anonymous CA November 21, 2008

Can I purchase to download Oh ChanuKah? I'd like to purchase (download) Oh Chanukah. I don't know if it's possible on this website. I haven't been able to find it on music websites. Please advise. Reply

Tameka Brooks October 2, 2008

Wonderful I was looking for a song that would be edu-taining for our winter concert. This is perfect! I know my Kindergarten class will enjoying singing it! Reply

Anonymous Shepherdstown, WV December 3, 2007

Nice song for my kids We were looking for new educational entertainment for the kids. This is a great resource for us.

Thanks! Reply

Hank Bayer Seagate, New York November 28, 2007

Ner Rishon This is a fantastic song and a fantastic lilt. With songs like this the little Jewish kids that are very assimilated and the little Christian kids will be knocking down your doors to get into your school. I am very glad to see an American form of learning Judaism instead of the shtettle method which was to either shove it down a kid's throat or beat him over the head. You guys are making learning very enjoyable in comparison to learning in the Lubavitch Yeshiva in 1945-48. That type of learning turned me off completely but this new and enjoyable method will certainly bring you much success in your endeavors. Reply

Anonymous Luanda, ANGOLA October 8, 2007

NER RISHON I remember when my grammy sung for me.

Thank you very much I missing her so long she left me. Reply

Irene Stourbridge, UK May 11, 2007

Ner Rishon I was researching Jewish music for my childrens sunday primary class. I thought this was a delightful song which I shall be sharing with them.
Thanks for sharing Reply

murielle Aquiba via December 19, 2006

Thank you for this cute song Every night I light the candles on my own, but thanks to your site, I feels as if I were lighting them with everyone I love and far away.
I discovered "Ner Rishon" this holiday and love it, singing along like a kid!!!
Happy Chanukah,
Love, Murielle A. Reply

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