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The miracle of the oil raises us beyond the natural human experience. This gives us a light which can elevate all mankind.

The Miracle Is Us

The Miracle Is Us


The Miracle Is Us

The miracle of the oil raises us beyond the natural human experience. This gives us a light which can elevate all mankind.
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Anonymous December 16, 2014

Thanks for sharing this Beautiful! Reply

raggedy northwood, north dakota December 28, 2011

manis Shalom, toda! Very wonderful! I appreciate it beyond expression. Reply

Dina Kay LA, CA December 7, 2011

David Ben Gurion (not Wisenthal) “A Jew who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.” Reply

Mr. ron faulk November 14, 2011

chanukah I've listened to this teaching three times, and the more i've listened, the more amazed I am. Is this teaching available for purchase? Reply

Luisa Zitzer Buenos Aires, Argentina December 24, 2008

It´s Good to Know Thank you Rabbi for your speech !!!!!!!!!!
You gave a lot od knowledge and now I percieve in a different way many things that happen through History, behavior of people that sorround me. I feel That I can help some of my relatives that are in a mess trying to understand and solve hard conflicts. They have been communicating and acting in the wrong way. I told them to look at the situation from their spiritual aspect of life and then act according to reason.
HAPPY Hannukah, a gut iomtov !!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Sandton, South Africa December 24, 2008

The Enlightenment of Chanukah Many, many thanks Rabbi Manis Friedman; I knew that I am ignorant, as the cliché goes, “the more you study the more you realize how little you know”; with all my education from the nanotech. to the universe I always knew and felt that something was missing. Your explanation of the differentiation of Chanukah from all other Jewish Chagim it is so enlighten my belief, understanding and life and I am sure many others like me, that I feel fulfilled for this opportunity. I wish the Kabala will be more so brought from the mystic to the understanding of the masses by you and people enriched with your wisdom and pedagogical talents and so enriching us all with the real knowledge and to realize the privileges we are entrusted with by being a Jew and blessed with Rabbis like you among us. Wow, what a lecture! From the darkness or obscurity to the Lights of Chanukah and the meaning and values of Jewish Life… Reply

Anonymous December 17, 2008

chanukah thank you Rabbi .. this expanded my thoughts and my heart and hopefully my actions. Reply

Chanah December 13, 2007

question Chasidus seems to emphasize relating to Torah and Mitzvos on a personal level, approaching them with intellect and involving the emotions. True, acceptance of the yoke is meant to preceed this, but there seems to be a thrust toward drawing in the animal soul...
Rabbi Friedman makes the point that the approach of trying to get people at their gut through associating good deeds with their symbolism or motivating people through emphasis on reward and punishment is wrong.
I understand why a person's relationship with G-d can't be based solely on these things. Nevertheless, Chasidus does seem to give them some place.
What is it?
Thank you. Reply

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