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Chanukah Quiz

Chanukah Quiz

Test Your Chanukah Knowledge!

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Hugh David Pattison Bala August 23, 2017

Eight is the best number Reply

Daisy Ridley The set of Star Wars August 12, 2017

6/10....I guess that's alright.... Reply

John Boyega The set of Star Wars August 27, 2017
in response to Daisy Ridley:

Sorry Daisy. 8/10. Reply

Daisy Ridley The set of Star Wars September 2, 2017
in response to John Boyega:

Oh...... Reply

Anoymous Colorado July 13, 2017

I got 10/10 on first try, I'm pretty smart after getting 99% on my 6th grade CAT test. Now I'm in seventh grade! Reply

levi cohen May 25, 2017

so fun Reply

Anonymous Earth nineteen May 21, 2017

I know all the answers but it is really sensitive so I always hit things I don't mean to could you fix that maybe??? Thank you all have a great week Reply

aweverysogoodme Brooklyn May 20, 2017

i know ten Reply

mushka cohen May 1, 2017

its so easy i always get 10\10 Exellent Reply

Anonymous pomona April 27, 2017

10\10 correct YAY! Reply

Meir Sudak March 21, 2017

I love it I always get 10/10 Reply

me annapolis March 18, 2017

i always get 10/10 nice job! Reply

meir Sudak london March 12, 2017

i got 10/10 it is so fun Reply

meir Sudak london March 12, 2017

!!!1 it is so fun Reply

Anonymous March 12, 2017

I got a 10/10 which actually surprised me because I didn't know that I knew that much about Hanukkah yay!!!! Oh and before I forget responding to the most recent comment I know you can do it just try a little harder maybe plus if you just guess and get right you can hit the link and will tell you why the answer you picked is right Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order December 31, 2016

HARD!!!! I don't like it. Reply

Anonymous July 13, 2017
in response to Kylo Ren:

Why is it hard? Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order August 12, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Probably because I don't know enough about Chanukah... Reply

nosson gourarie Brooklyn December 29, 2016

i got 10/10 Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 28, 2016

LOVE I love this game now that they've updated it! Now I know that my score is 10/10!!! What a Chanukah miracle!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous December 27, 2016

RE:the ninth canddel there is no connection but in Hebrew shemesh means the sun. Reply

Anonymous December 27, 2016

RE:ha! that really is quite strange! Reply

Robert Canada December 27, 2016

The Ninth candle The ninth candle is called Shammash. This is the name of the Sumerian sun god: Utu-Shammash. What is the connection between them? Is it called that name because Abraham was from Ur, and Shammash was a source of light? Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 26, 2016

CHANUKAH!!!!!!! I love it! 10/10, by the way. Reply

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