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Are Jewish tribal? There are two answers to this question, both correct: Yes. And no.

Chanukah and Tribal Judaism

Chanukah and Tribal Judaism


Chanukah and Tribal Judaism

Are Jewish tribal? There are two answers to this question, both correct: Yes. And no.
From Heaven Exposed by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. For bio, info and more articles by this author, click here. To order Tzvi's books, click here.
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Ann Houston November 27, 2013

I listened to your talk. The first thing that happened is that it all rings true.
I already knew that we are a tribe, and that it's OK that we are a tribe.
I already knew that it's OK for everybody to be different.
But I did not know that we are the only tribe that isn't tribalistic.

But then you began the anecdotes.
The girl who was passionately distressed by the Holocaust although she had a Christian name.
And it turned out that her parents were hiding the fact that they were Holocaust survivors.
At that point I got choked up.
It's so true.
Everyone should listen to this talk.

I told you years ago that you, personally, are in touch with the lodestone.

I say it again now. Reply

Amy W.O'Neill Babson Park, FL December 7, 2010

Honored I am honored Rabbi that you chose my comment to post. I really enjoy listening to your wisdom. My 4 yr. old son and I watch Kabala Toons together although we are not Jewish. Peace and Blessings to you and yours. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman December 6, 2010

More on the same topic Please see Why Does Judaism Make No Sense? Reply

Mrs. amy oneill December 6, 2010

diversity and universalism Relativism v “Caritas in Veritate"

Relativism might enable diverse cultures to coexist, but it undercuts dialogue. On the other hand, cultural leveling eliminates the differences that make a people unique. Citing Benedict XVI, Father Laurent Mazas, from the Pontifical Council for Culture noted the “explosion of worldwide interdependence,” which has increased the possibilities of interaction between cultures, and given rise to “new openings for intercultural dialogue.” Referencing the Vatican document, ”Caritas in Veritate,” Father Mazas stated: ”…. there’s another danger: that of cultural leveling which results in the standardization of behaviors and lifestyles and the loss of profound significance of cultures of different nations and of the traditions of the various peoples.”Father Mazas said that intercultural dialogue — “strengthened by its religious dimension” — calls for “reference to reason and assessment of cultures regarding their harmony with a transcendental nature.” Reply

natalie new york December 13, 2009

I really enjoyed this. Thank you Reply

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