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In the beginning, "G-d said, 'Let There Be Light'"

In the beginning, "G-d said, 'Let There Be Light'"

1st Night of Chanukah


The reference is not only to physical light as we know it. This initial statement is rather the mandate of all Creation. The ultimate goal and purpose of creation is that the Divine Light shine throughout the world, transforming everything, even darkness itself, so that it, too, will shine.

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Tammy S South Berwick ME December 24, 2016

Amazing I enjoy reading about everything on this web site . I haven't been to a Temple in a long time .I am looking into going to one .I want to go to a place were I fit in .

Thank You

Daniel via December 13, 2012

creation I understand that as the waters covered the whole earth, Hashem said "Let there be light" everything was created in potential at that moment. The physical world is beholden to time and space. Hashem is not. If you think about the fact that the waters covered the entire earth, sound travels further and faster in a medium, like water. Hashem used the water as an echo chamber to fill the earth with his physical will at that moment. Just a thought. Reply

Tali December 10, 2006

Obviously. The sun and stars and celestial lights weren't created until the fourth day. Reply

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