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That first day of school, your first job interview, your first day in your own home, the first day of the rest of your life...



A Rosh Hashanah Short

Topics: Rosh Hashanah
Filmed and Produced by Ezra Krybus
Chana Weisberg is the editor of She lectures internationally on issues relating to women, relationships, meaning, self-esteem and the Jewish soul. She is the author of five popular books.
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Discussion (97)
September 5, 2013
Video for Roshashana
The video touched my heart . I sent it to my married children . They responded with joy.
Captured the essence of life .
Binghamton, NY
September 16, 2012
Santee, ca
September 15, 2012
Amen! Let's start off the New Year right!
hudson, canada
September 2, 2012
FIrst Chai Holidays with Chabad
I was a graduate student at Boston University when my neighbor/friend who was not Jewish told me he had a short term job at the Chabad House in Kenmore Square and that I should go. He actually took me on Yom Kippur it turned out to be the begining of a very long relationship with Chabad. I will be traveling this year and plan to spend the Chai Holidays with an Chabad House in Rochester MN. I hope everybody has a wonderful year!
Chicago, IL
October 5, 2011
oh. how sweet!
a name
September 28, 2011
Rosh Hashannah
What a Lovely Surprise.!
Thank you So Much, All of You, alllso Those whose Names might be still less known to me.
my Year (Having to keep carrying on by myself), would have Completly Different,less Inspired, Stimulated ,Enriched and Endowed, hadit not not been All off You. It iis feeling Embedded, and Daring more to be Yourself.

My First Action (Actions), therefore-after a Cup of Coffee)! to go to my Computer and open all your Mails, and sometimes copy things,(allso from J.W.R).
My -what call "Favourites", is filled wiith your Information, and Classes,etc- so I can always come Back to them - or Repeat-and I allso am gratefull for The Jewish Woman - Site ,(O.A The mikveh - Group) nd The Recipes- being vegetarianbut eating Fish it is grat help During These Days! I have a Nice Collection of Kosher Herbs ,inceasing sometimes, bought in Amsterdam - South.

So I wish Everyone a Wonderfull, EXtra Speciial, Sweet and a Good Shana Tovah 5772
Love from

Katinka Holst
Katinka Holst
S''Hetogenbosch, Netherlands
September 14, 2011
The Firsts
Beautiful, inspiring video! Thank you! Shaná Tová!
Irene Alhanati Cardillo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 24, 2011
re: the 10th day of the 1st month
No, it was 10 Nissan.
The first month is Nissan even though the new calendar year starts in Tishrei.

Rosh Hashanah is the first day of the seventh month.
Jewish.TV Editor
June 21, 2011
the 10th day of the 1st month
In Joshua 4:19 was this Rosh HaShannah?
Kara Brown
Park Hills, MO
September 8, 2010
Very Well Done Video
We will be celebrating Rosh Hashana first in our Progressive Synagogue praying, studying, and then dining with family. How fortunate we are to have so many wonderful flavors of Judaism-each with its own unique sustenance. L'Shana Tova
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