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A five minute Sukkot insight based on the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidut.

Sukkot Insight

Sukkot Insight


Sukkot Insight

A five minute Sukkot insight based on the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidut.
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Dorothy Bienen Royal Palm Beach, Florida September 22, 2010

Succos in the Sukkah Thank you, Rabbi and wonderful speaker for the vital and concise information that is needed to enjoy our Succos holiday with depth. Chag Semeach Succos.... Dorothy Bienen Reply

Joe Douglas Denham Springs, La September 19, 2010

Thank You For blessing me with this knowledge I listen to you speak and i am able to understand and learn about the religion thank you for taking this time to do this it is a blessing for me to learn for i am a non-Jew but have many friends that are and this allows me to learn to be a better friend to them. Reply

Anonymous Philadelphia, usa via October 18, 2008

Thank you This is wonderful, thank you!! Reply

Beverly tampa, florida October 12, 2008

thank you for the time it takes to put your messages and teachings online for people like me who are wanting to learn. Reply

Daniel Cohen London, UK October 9, 2006

He's amazing! I love listening to Rabbi Schochet while I am at work (dealing with non-Jews mainly) and he always helps to provide me with a inspiring words from our beautiful Torah, giving me a sense of home-away-from-home! Reply

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