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The story of the great prophetess Chana is read as part of the Rosh Hashanah services. Many of the laws of prayer are derived from Chana’s conduct. But moreover, Chana also reveals the inner essence of prayer.

Divine Whispers: A Woman’s Prayer

Divine Whispers: A Woman’s Prayer


Divine Whispers

The story of the great prophetess Chana is read as part of the Rosh Hashanah services. Many of the laws of prayer are derived from Chana’s conduct. But moreover, Chana also reveals the inner essence of prayer.
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Elena Montreal December 20, 2015

Todah !! Felt the need to thank you for the clarification! Have read this story many times -have not always realized all it contains -how important we word our prayers. I have two children and wondered why have issues and really happy to know wording my prayers to Hashem must be worded carefully! My relationship with Hashem is important because want to do his will. Ironically named my only son Samuel as hoped he would love and worship Hashem. Much to think on -thank you -much to ponder. Reply

Anonymous Rehovot, Israel September 14, 2015

Thank you Thank you for this moving lecture.
It was so relevant to me at this time of year.
I, like Chana, am childless for more years than I care to count. Medically there is no definitive answer, but Hashem has the final answer.
And the meaning of perception is partially relevant to me at this moment of time, when I have decided to find new meaning and purpose in my life; to abandon all the 'chattels' of the past 40 plus years and go into the unknown and start afresh with new goals.
It kept getting more poignant, discussing her prayers and their meanings.

Thank you so much Reply

Norah Elkman Melbourne, Australia September 18, 2009

Thank you very much!!!
great inspiration listening to you as I'm cooking for Rosh Hashanah ... May you be blesses with all good things ....and continue to inspire us as we do our gushmiut avodah - work in the world!!!!
ktiva v chatimah tova - may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year, Reply

K.M. Reese lakeland , TN February 7, 2009

Prayers for women Is there a devotional book of prayers for every occassion; for daughters, travel, illness, exams, fear..etc.etc. Reply

Karen Greenfield Marietta, Ga/USA December 26, 2008

You are an Eloquent Speaker Dear Mrs. Weisberg,
Your deliverance of this course is awesome. It has inspired me so deeply.
G-d Bless You for your insight and ablity to convey this Haftorah so eloquently. Reply

Susan Barth Bet Shemes, Israel September 12, 2007

inspiring Rosh Hashanah message I was seeking an inspirational Rosh Hashanah message to go into the chag and make it the most meaningful experience - I found it in this tape. Your words are especially poignant because I am in aveluit for my mom z"l and I have struggled to deal with her 18 years of alzheimer and ultimately could say "baruch dayan emet" also. Your words provided that additional chizuk and nechama. Shana tova and may this year be one of good health, and avodas hashem for you and your family. Reply

Adelle Jean Amboy, WA June 5, 2007

Divine Whispers I loved this audio and downloaded it. I like especially the ending, how she sums it up by telling the story of her child making her a card that said, "I love You" spelled wrong and with miss-matched colors--but how much it meant to her. I am a convert and my Hebrew is getting better all the time, but I still worry at times my prayers are not good enough if I miss-pronounce a word here and there. But I though to myself, I am like the child, and G-d will hear my miss-pronounced Hebrew and still be happy that I am praying with all my heart and soul and telling Him I love Him by doing so. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Amsterdam, Holland October 1, 2005

Thank you Dear Mrs. Weisberg,

I just got through listening to your lecture and would like to thank you. It was clear and eye opening.

Shana Tova
OrliChanna Reply

Adriana September 30, 2005

Great inspiring speaker! Reply

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