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The Kabbalah’s view on the High Holiday period and the build up there-to during the month of Elul.

Kabbalah & the High Holidays Season

Kabbalah & the High Holidays Season


Kabbalah & the High Holidays

The Kabbalah’s view on the High Holiday period and the build up there-to during the month of Elul.
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sarah toronto September 18, 2014

your talk gave a meaning to this elul that i was struggling to find as i feel so unprepared, so in the wrong place, so not ready. was reflecting myself on hineini, here i am, all that i am but still felt i should be doing more to prepare, and feeling unable to find the way to do it. your talk helped me sink into connecting to hashem from where i am now. with everything that i struggle with, everything i feel i lack, everything i am looking for. thank you. Reply

Rabbi New September 16, 2012

Dear Rhoda,
Thank you for sharing your deep and heartfelt sentiments. I am humbled by the depth of your feeling and the positive effect of my words.
Wishing you a Sweet, blessed and happy New Year.

Anonymous Johannesburg, Gauteng September 16, 2012

חזק וברוך Reply

Rhoda Gelman Seaside, Oregon February 23, 2012

To: Rabbi Ruvi New:

Dear Rabbi:

Your commentary is beyond any words - so deep and spiritual. I find myself crying and sobbing within my soul - crying is good for the soul.

My whole life has been connected with the High Holy Days and I find myself searching within for the essence of the Kabbalah and

You have helped me to gain such deep insight into myself and my soul, especially in the areas of my life, which need positive changes and enlightenment.

Thank you for helping me to look for my own Jewish Strength and Courage.


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