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Finding meaning in Prayer and its unique High Holiday theme

Meaningful High Holiday Prayer

Meaningful High Holiday Prayer


Meaningful High Holiday Prayer

Finding meaning in Prayer and its unique High Holiday theme
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Rabbi Weinstein Newtown, PA October 3, 2011

meaning of word "TEFILAH" Hi Norman,
You are correct that the word tefillah comes from the root palel. There are commentaries (My Prayer by Nissan Mindel brings this comment) that also connect the word tefilah with the root tofel as I mentioned in the class.
Thank you for your comment! Reply

Norman Ozersky NYC, NY September 27, 2011

meaning of word "TEFILAH" Dear Rabbi Weinstein
You mentioned in your Rosh Hashana Drash on the prayers that the shoresh for the word Tefila is TOFEL or "Taf" 'Peh' 'Lamed'. I thought the shoresh was "Peh' ' lamed' 'lamed' as in 'palel' and the "taf' made it into a noun form as in 'Techila' (beginning) from the shoresh "chet" 'lamed' 'heh' etc. The Etymological Dictionaryof Biblical Hebrew by Matityahu Clark that is based on the commentaries of Rav
Samson Raphael Hirsh very broadly defines 'taf' 'peh' 'lamed' as lack or requiring additional effort. 'Peh' Lamed Lamed" is broadly defined as mediate or bring together often used as praying and injecting into oneself godly concepts. "TET" ( not "TAV") Peh Lamed is broadly defined as attach. Was I mistaken? Reply

Anonymous oakland, ca September 10, 2010

Dear Rabbi

Am a first time listener to your class. Learned so much. Thank you Reply

Ana Lewis Houston, TX September 6, 2010

Thank you! Dear Rabbi Weinstein - I am not jewish, but believe that Christian and Jewish people honor and serve the same G-D. I was truly blessed with your teaching on Rosh Hashanah. May G-D continue illuminating your steps and providing supernatural wisdom to teach all of us how to create a daily bridge to access G-D through prayer. He is the only true source of peace. Reply

Chana from Surrey British Columbia September 2, 2010

Thanks for posting your class Thank you Rabbi Weinstein for posting this class. When I logged onto, my intention was to look for an interesting class on prayers for Rosh Hashana, and I definately found what I was looking for. Thank you and keep on posting your classes. Reply

MEIRA cleveland, tn. via October 15, 2005

comment on prayer teaching Dear Rabbi Weinstein,
I really enjoyed the teaching you gave on prayer/Rosh Hashannah. I was sitting at home... exhausted from the past week and wanted complete quiet. I read the parsha online and the comments by Rashi when I was so blessed to find this website. Then, I ate my breakfast and sat before Hashem---rather like you said on your teaching. After awhile, I went back to the website to try and find a speaker. That is when I found you. It was really special, just sitting quietly in my living room, the beautiful sun shining in through the windows and my little canary chirping (at times wildly) from the sound of your voice. I thought it was so amazing that I had, in part, experienced what you where saying... It made my solitary [day] very meaningful and quite lovely. Thank you so much for being there for me today. Reply

Miriam September 30, 2005

Very nice class, will enhance my prayers! Reply

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