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If you had one wish to be granted by G‑d ... what would it be?

What's Your Wish?

What's Your Wish?


What's Your Wish?

If you had one wish to be granted by G‑d ... what would it be?
Rosh Hashanah, Blessing
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WLMW South Florida November 10, 2016

Now is the time to pray more I always think world peace would be great but I dream too much. I need to pray more and be more grateful. I want to help the world and I started asking G-D to help me find peace in myself. I am not longer 35 or 45 years old. It's time to pray and learn to bring inner peace. The world needs more people who look inside themselves. It starts with me. Reply

Dale CINCINNATI November 6, 2016

For this year I humbly ask G-d for health of my family and wealth for my family . Peace for our world . Reply

DB September 29, 2016

Sobriety For this year I wish for Hashem to bless my husband with a life a sobriety! Reply

JIll Bell Durban, South Africa via September 22, 2016

My Wishes I wish and pray to G-d for wealth, health and happiness for my family and I especially wish for no more financial worries and for my business to be very successful. Reply

Anonymous Brussels April 4, 2016

I love God with all my heart therefore I wish for him to give me intelligence, strength, focus, and hope so that I can overcome and reach the light. My light is to become someone, someone who as a career and a future, with that I would be able to support myself and to buy a house, a car, to have friends and foremost to have a husband and children. I wish to have a life, to be able to live. Thank you God for always coming in my rescue although I am incredible sad and hopeless I know that you always help me out….Hug Reply

Johanna McMahan Corpus Christi September 8, 2015

Ordained blessing I wish Hashem ordain the blessing for my family to have the winning ticket. Reply

Marko NY September 7, 2015

Everyone's wish Dear God, before I make my wish I want to first say thank you for all the wishes you make come true and all the mercy you bestow upon us every single day.

I wish for myself and select others to have good health, wealth, success, happiness and peace. Reply

Name withheld New York State July 16, 2015

I wish to do the right thing I am currently in a very bad situation, losing my house, no money to move anywhere or get my things out of my house, only a few days left to see if I can survive. I have asked for help from the Jewish community and basically I have gotten a clear message that they will not help. While this is disappointing, especially considering that Chabad tells us to live Jewish values but they in fact do not always do so, as is with my case, I still do not despair. I trust Hashem knows what He is doing and I should learn from my situation, and that if I do get out of this alive, I should create a Jewish organization that actually lives Jewish values and will help Jews with real needs, and not just pretend to do it. I am responsible for my problems, no one else, and I still have Hashem, and those Jews that have turned their back on me should get some help for their souls and they should do teshuvah. So my wish is that I do the right thing as a Jew even though others have not. Reply

Bracha Rapoport Stamford,ct. July 14, 2015

I wish for my daughter Avigail Rapoport never to do another operation the rest of her life and that her heart prob goes away the name of it is called Tretrology of fellow block , and i wish she can live a normal life like every one in the world and the prob .goes away for ever and she lives a happy and healthy life the rest of her life.May there be peace all over the world and every one lives a healthy life , and Massia will come now . Reply

Anonymous dubai June 27, 2015

My Job Dear Brother and Sister

Please pray for my Job and i wanted ro get promoted and never to lose it . I also wanted to got to cannada settle with my family . i want all Jewsih Rebbi to pray for me since Lord hear thier prayers . I want to be Dubai only and not get transfered

Regards Reply

yalda Iran(Qazvin) June 26, 2015

My wish is that we don't live alone person in the world Reply

Florence October 5, 2014

My wishes! I pray that all the sick will be healed especially the Israeli soldiers and tha Iran does not get a nuclear weapon! Peace for Israel and Moshiach should come this hour! May my family and Kol Yosrael should be blessed with have good health and all our needs,and that all our good wishes should be fulfilled by G-d mostly with Shalom! Reply

Reuben pierrefonds Quebec October 5, 2014

I wish and pray to G-d, that we are very heathey and dreaming of the day our lucky lottery numbers are called. Reply

Miriam October 3, 2014

I wish for Meshiach now. Reply

bracha Rapoport Stamford October 3, 2014

I wish for world peace and happiness and good health for every one around the world and for my daughter to be able to breath more easier for ever and ever and may she never have to do an another operation again , and that her leak in her heart would go away. For my self i wish my high colestral and thyrids go away and i leave a long life so i can be here in the world for my children . Reply

Reuben pierrefonds Quebec October 2, 2014

I wish to God and his Angles to bless my home and family with long live, good heath, lot's of money and lot's of love. Reply

Jessie Garner Alvin September 28, 2014

Tefillin I wish if any one has a old Tefillin set with the straps I would like to have it . Reply

MzDonna September 28, 2014

My wish for the New Year is peace from war and prosperity for the poor and working classes. Reply

Anonymous September 27, 2014

my wish world peace and unity , and to know and complete what I am supposed to in this life time. Reply

Ma Tovu Philippines September 24, 2014

My wish is a practical one by the current will of Hashem for my life. I wish that G-d of Yisrael would use me for his glory. Since i am retiring from my job and would face several months' uncertainty, i pray that the holy G-d of Israel would use me for His glory by granting me sustained abundance which He alone can grant and make possible, on all spheres of personal life: Financial Abundance from the G-d of Israel, and likewise, Material Needs Abundance from the G-d of Israel (foods, natural wonders and medicines), and above all, the Abundance of the G-d of Israel in His Love, Grace, Wonders, Health, Safety and Protection magnifying His Glory and Absolute Reality in these dark times. And May Hashem El Shaddai the G-d of Israel hasten the coming of the Holy Mahshiach of Yisrael, amen, amen and amen!
Thank you Chabad my friends forever, blessings, blessings, blessings to Chabad amen! Reply

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