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An "old style" authentic holiday favorite


Kreplach are small squares of rolled pasta dough filled with ground beef or chicken and folded into triangles. They can be boiled and served in soup or fried and served as a side dish. They are traditionally served at the pre-Yom Kippur meal, on the seventh day of Sukkot (Hoshanah Rabbah) and on Purim.

DOUGH: 1¾ C flour
2 eggs
½ tsp. Salt
3 Tbsp. Oil

1 cup ground cooked beef or chicken
1 small onion, grated
1 tsp. salt

DOUGH: in a large bowl combine dough ingredients together. Knead and roll out thin on floured board. Cut into 3-inch squares or circles.

FILLING: in a small bowl mix filling ingredients well. See Kreplach illustrated for filling and folding. Kreplach can now be either boiled and served in soup or sauted in oil.

TO BOIL: Place in boiling salted water. Cook approximately 20 minutes until kreplach float to top.

TO SAUTE: Heat oil over medium flame in 10-inch skillet. Saute boiled kreplach until golden brown on both sides.

NOTE: Dough will roll out more easily after being wrapped in a damp cloth for one hour.

YIELDS: 18 Kreplach

Excerpted from Spice and Spirit, The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook, published by Lubavitch Women's Cookbook Publications
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Shayndel Japan January 4, 2017

Kreplach with chopsticks! Thank you! They came out delicious!
Blessings and Shalom from Japan

challahandcherryblossoms, kreplach-with-chopsticks Reply

Anonymous N.Y., U.S.A. March 21, 2011

Kreplach What would you say about the interchangeability of the words kreplach and verenekes ?
Is anyone making such dough filled dumplings with vegetable fillings such as spring greens, leeks, celery, carrots, ginger, turnips? Reply

nyginko N.Y., N.Y., U.S.A. September 22, 2010

kreplach, verenekes . . . Oh, so good to see your posts from rio and from santarosa! How delicious! Yes! There is a lot of buckwheat being grown now in N.Y. S. where I am. I use it and sprout it and toast it and grind it ... And I combine it with mushrooms, too. With onions, yes! And the idea of steaming it in vegetable broth is excellent. Thank you. Hag kasher v'sameach! Reply

Joy Santa Rosa September 22, 2010

Kreplach A good filling would be kasha. It 's made with one egg mixed in before steaming in vegetable broth. You can mince onions and perhaps mushrooms, red pepper, garlic, sauted in a little oil separately, then mixing the vegetables into the cooked kasha. Lovely filling for a vegetarian dish. Reply

goldy mila málaga lewkowicz. mammy and daddy rio de janeiro, brasil September 22, 2010

very good, rico it comes from Poland from grandmothers and grandfathers, we do this dish in rio de janeiro , brasil Reply

nyginko NY, N.Y. September 21, 2010

kreplach My Grandmother Ida made "verenekes" filled with seasoned potatoes (perhaps onions and other vegetables.)


Anonymous pittsburgh, pa via September 19, 2010

B''H my mother would fill the kreplach with chopped chicken liver they were real good and add a nice surprise to the meal. enjoy them any way u like them! Reply

Rochel Chein for September 17, 2010

Re: which meal The sources say that kreplach are eaten Erev Yom Kippur. I haven't seen mention of which meal, but my family usually has them at the second meal directly preceding Yom Kippur. Reply

shloime cohen brooklyn, ny September 17, 2010

which meal in which of the 2 erev yom kippur meals are the kreplach eaten? Reply

Menachem Posner for July 3, 2009

To Rose: Traditionally, these are eaten on Purim, the day before Yom Kippur, and the seventh day of Sukkot. There are a number of explanations for this. One of them is that these are three holidays when we are obligated to eat a celebratory meal but do not mark the celebration with not doing any work acts. Since the celebration is “hidden,” we eat foods where the filler is hidden in the dough. Reply

rose rosenkranz riviera beach, fl June 30, 2009

sukkot why do we eat "stuffed" foods on sukkot? Reply

Kelly Rae Sydney, AU January 19, 2009

Re: Robert Cork's recipe Be sure and use a kosher vegetable broth to cook your spinach-cheese kreplach in, Robert. Otherwise you will be mixing milk and meat, as you probably already know.

The spinach cheese ones sound delicious, actually. Have you ever tried using a feta-type cheese? That always seems to go well with nice spinach. Reply

Nezi Oregon, USA January 18, 2009

Kreplach visiions Mendy, where does it say that kreplach have meat on the outside and dough in the inside?????

I cannot envision how that could even be possible. I suppose by now others have asked the same question.

I imagine that by now you are laughing, or at least I hope so.

Happy Sukkot, Nezi Reply

Mendy October 24, 2008

I havent eaten it but in class they asked that question Reply

Kelly Rae Sydney, AU October 23, 2008

To Mendy I have never seen them made this way. I think this would fall apart in the soup. Where did you eat kreplach like this? Perhaps that will help.

Kreplach have been likened to "Jewish Won Ton's" as they resemble that type of little noodle dumpling in the soup.

Thank you Reply

Mendy October 22, 2008

question why do kreplachs have meat in the outside and dough in the inside Reply

Kelly Rae Sydney, AU October 12, 2008

Boiled flavoured Flanken Meat Since we had some leftover, cooked and very tender brisket two weeks ago, I used that to make the meat for our Kreplach. I just rubbed the meat between my fingers, put in some finely chopped onion, checked for seasoning (salt, etc.) and filled the dough.

I made the traditional triangles and marked/sealed the edges with a fork. Then my friend showed me a sweet trick her sister had taught her - if you just fold the two long edges of the triangle over each other the kreplach looks like a little fish! Reply

Robert Cork, Ireland via September 27, 2007

Vegetarian alternatives I just put fresh blanched spinach, fresh cheese, cream(better: creme fraiche) and herbs(dill) as filling, it is absolutely delicious. I put also some herbs in the dough. Reply

Suzanne spokane, wa September 26, 2007

vegetarian kreplach saute lots of mushroom and onions until soft and translucent...mmm! Reply

LdA Stamford, USA September 24, 2007

Veggie Kreplach My grandmother sometimes added apples and rice to the meat. I imagine if you remove the meat, the apples and rice would make a tasty combination too... Reply

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