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Man is free to choose either good or evil and his choice has momentous consequences for the entire world. On Rosh Hashanah a person is not only judged by Heaven, but also by himself. The outcome of his self-judgement must be a resolution to better fulfill his purpose, perfecting himself and the whole world.

One should not question one’s ability to influence the world. To our horror we see that in modern times technology gives man tremendous destructive abilities. If an individual can wield such power for evil, then the corresponding power certainly exists for good. Moreover, when a person chooses good and seeks to fulfill his true mission, he receives Divine assistance. He can influence the world so that “Everything which You have made will know that You have created it, and everyone that has the breath of life in his nostrils will declare that Hashem, the G‑d of Israel is King, and His Kingship has dominion over all.”

(Likkutei Sichot, vol. 9, p. 416)

Excerpted from Days Of Awe, Days Of Joy. Published and Copyright by Kehot Publication Society, Brooklyn NY 11213
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