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Good — For Us

Good — For Us

Veotzarcho Hatov


Open the gates of heaven, open for us Your good treasure.

The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Josef Isaac Schneersohn asks, “From G‑d emanates only good and all that He does is for our good, so why the emphasis ‘Your good treasure?’ ”

The punctuation in the prayer needs adjustment. The comma in the statement has to be moved and placed after the word “for us.” Since man does not know what is really good for him, we implore G‑d that, “The treasure which is good for us You should open.”

Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky has been a pulpit rabbi for over thirty years, and is author of more than ten highly acclaimed books on the Parshiot and holidays. His Parshah series, Vedibarta Bam, can be purchased here.
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