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Rosh Hashanah Evening Kiddush

Rosh Hashanah Evening Kiddush


Listen to the recitation of the Rosh Hashana Kiddush

When Rosh Hashanah occurs on Shabbat, say all the pre-Shabbat Kiddush prayers (such as Shalom Aleichem and Aishet Chayil) in an undertone before starting Kiddush.

On the second night of Rosh Hashanah, it is customary to place a new fruit [not yet eaten this season] before the one who makes Kiddush; he is to glance at it while reciting the Shehecheyanu ("Who has granted us life...") blessing , bearing in mind that it applies to the new fruit as well.

Stand while reciting the Kiddush. Those listening to the Kiddush should respond "Amen" as indicated.

Take the cup of wine in the right hand and glance at the festival candles. The cup should be held at least three handbreadths (approximately 9 in.) above the table throughout the Kiddush.

On Shabbat, begin here.

The sixth day. And the heavens and the earth and all their hosts were completed. And G‑d finished by the Seventh Day His work which He had done, and He rested on the Seventh Day from all His work which He had done. And G‑d blessed the Seventh Day and made it holy, for on it He rested from all His work which G‑d created to function.1

On weeknights, begin here.

Glance at the wine and say:

Attention, Gentlemen!

Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who creates the fruit of the vine. [Amen]

On Shabbat, add the words in parentheses.

Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has chosen us from among all nations, raised us above all tongues, and made us holy through His commandments. And You, L-rd our G‑d, have given us in love (this Shabbat day and) this Day of Remembrance, the festival of holy assembly,2 a day for (the remembrance of) sounding the shofar, (in love,) a holy assembly, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt. For You have chosen us and sanctified us from among all the nations, and Your word, our King, is true and enduring forever. Blessed are You L-rd, King over all the earth, who sanctifies (the Shabbat and) Israel and the Day of Remembrance. [Amen]

When Rosh Hashanah occurs on Saturday night, add the following:

Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who created the lights of fire. [Amen]

Glance at the festival lights, then continue:

Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who makes a distinction between sacred and profane, between light and darkness, between Israel and the nations, between the Seventh Day and the six work days; between the holiness of the Shabbat and the holiness of the Festival You have made a distinction, and have sanctified the Seventh Day above the six work days. You have set apart and made holy Your people Israel with Your holiness. Blessed are You L-rd, who makes a distinction between holy and holy. [Amen]

Blessed are You, L-rd our G‑d, King of the universe, who has granted us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this occasion. [Amen]

Pour some wine from the cup to be distributed to those listening, and drink at least 2 ounces of the remaining wine while seated.

V. Ramban, Leviticus 23:2; Sforno, loc. cit. 23:2-3.
From Siddur Tehillat Hashem. © Copyright Kehot Publication Society, Brooklyn NY
© Copyright, all rights reserved. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's copyright policy.
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Eli Bensky Houston September 30, 2016

Rosh Hashana lunch What is the kiddish for Rosh Hashana lunch? Reply

moishe montreal September 7, 2015

kiddush text hello, how about a Kiddush text that can be downloaded and copied line by line Hebrew/translation/transliteration Reply

Yehuda Shurpin for January 24, 2013

Re:The significance of certain customs The reason one should drink at least 2 ounces of wine is because ideally one should drink the majority of the wine that they recited Kidush on, the smallest size the cup should be is one that holds a "reve'et." Thus one should at least drink 2 ounces which is considered the majority of a "reve'et."

In addition to the mystical reason for holding the glass in the right hand, we try and do all Mitzvot with the right hand which is considered the main hand.

The chabad custom of holding it three handbreadths (nine inches) above the table can be found in Sefer Haminhagim - Chabad, and is based on what the Arizal explains that it should be held parallel to ones chest.

It should however be noted, that unlike how much wine one should drink, how you hold it depends on custom, as such, if it is difficult to hold that way, you should hold it any way you can. Reply

PRicha5391 Waterford, Michigan September 16, 2012

Feast of Trumpets Thank-you so much for taking the time to post such vast information! I am so looking forward to learning (in experience) how to celebrate the Appointed Times G-d prescribed Biblically. Reply

Michael Iseman Royal Palm Beach, FL September 9, 2012

The significance of certain customs How did the following customs originate and what are their significance?
- drinking at least two ounces of wine;
- holding the wine glass at least three handbreadths (nine inches) above the table;
- holding the wine glass in the right vs left hand Reply

Genna Ginsburg CA, SD September 28, 2011

Rosh Hashanah Thank You G-D for sustaing the life of my mother so that she may participate in the greatness in our vast wealth of knowledge and joy!!!!! This site is a blessing. Reply

theadore yawanis Port morsby, papua new guinea September 27, 2011

rosh hashanah This is great as we live in very remote part of the world Papua new guinea and yet we can pray and celebrate our new year by reading the text available to us from chabad house ,the kids love it from asher,haim,yourm Reply

Anonymous Port-Vila, Vanuatu September 27, 2011

Rosh Hashanah Kiddush audio version i really need to learn it by reading it but need to listen to the audio to clearly pronounce the words correctly. please.! is there any link so i can browse ... Reply

Farrel Pittsburgh, PA September 26, 2011

Audio versions of Kiddush Thank you so much for the posting the audio. That makes practicing so much easier. Reply

Chana Benjaminson New Bedford, MA September 26, 2011

Re Audio Versions of Kiddush Sure, we just added a link to the audio, please see above. Reply

Farrel Pittsburgh, PA September 25, 2011

Audio versons of Kiddush Does anyone know where I can get a weeknight audio version of the Rosh Hashanah Kiddush? I would like to practice reading it and then signing it. Reply

Ellen GORE River Falls, Alabana U.S.A. September 7, 2011

Rosh Hashanah Thank You for answering my message! Have a nice day ! Ellen Reply

Joseph B. Rotman Baoding City, China September 8, 2010

Rosh Hashanah Thank you for making this available. I am in Baoding City China until Nov. 22. This site will be a great asset. Reply

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