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There are things that are important to us, so we speak about them.

There are things so important to us that the words flow out in a burst of emotion, rich words, expressive and vibrant.

And then there are things that shake us to the core. Things that do not care for the mind’s permission or for the right words—for the mind cannot fathom them, the most poignant words could not contain them. Things that can only break out in a cry, in a scream, and then in silence.

This is the sound of the shofar: The very core of our souls crying, “Father! Father!”

By Tzvi Freeman
From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Subscribe and get your dose daily. Or order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Discussion (13)
September 13, 2015
Beautiful and humbling! Thanks for posting!
September 13, 2015
Llet the soul speak
Let the soul speak when it is quiet. Let the soul speak when it is loud. Let the soul speak not a sound. Let the soul speak.
James More
Seasee City
September 6, 2015
Heart to Heart
G_d is 'illiterate'!

- he does not understand your words.

- He cares for your feelings from the depth of your heart - then His heart vibrates with those heart-felt sensations too and He responds.
Toronto, Canada
September 16, 2014
Father! Father!
His here + we are here with Him. How we express ourselves in different emotions will always be with Him + Shem.

Thank you for this inspiring truth.
Eugina Giovanna Herrera
New York City, New York
September 7, 2010
I live in the bible belt region of the US, and I like to stand outside and listen for the shofar, during the Omer, and now during Sukkot. many Blessings!
September 16, 2009
This was exactly what I needed today, I have been going through a lot this past month and today expecially. And in my prayers my heart was crying out Father Father. I am so grateful for G-d.
Pearl City, Hawaii
September 15, 2009
This reminds me a momentary problem...
I have an appointment with an homeopathic doctor tomorrow,and I was thinking on how to explain to him about the mix of objective and subjective stuff I have in mind to say, all at once, and make myself clear for him to understand and properly help me.
Now I see that if I just had a Shofar,and if he just could understand me with that blow...
October 1, 2008
Both days, I was speechless after the blowing of the shofar. (for me that is something!) It connected with my very soul and I felt what our ancestors must have experienced when that sound came down from the holy mountain. Even tears could not fall but they strained to come.

Thank you for your succinct and very true words, Rabbi Freeman.
Kelly Rae
Sydney, AU
September 29, 2008
I agree with u! Nothing stirs me like the sound of the shofar.
Thx for sharing,
gini bouwense
Inverness, FL/USA
September 15, 2007
Remain faithful and remember, "nothing can stop an "idea" whose time has come."
Eric S. Kingston