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A father gives love; a king makes demands. Why do we need both?

Our Father, Our King

Our Father, Our King


Our Father, Our King

A father gives love; a king makes demands. Why do we need both?
Yom Kippur, Avinu Malkeinu, High Holidays
Rabbi Dov Greenberg is excutive director of Chabad at Stanford University
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Anon December 23, 2014

Thank you! Very well said loved the example Reply

Anonymous Montgomery Village, Maryland via September 12, 2013

Avenu Malkeinu B"H

Dear Rabbi

Thank you so much for your words on Avenu Malkeinu! What a magnificent method you use to make these words not only so clear but meaningful and will be within my thoughts always as I hear and chant along Avenu Malkeinu..and to top it off you did it within a short time. PERFECT! May HaShem continue to give you the 'talent'...the 'brocha' to bring Yiddishkeit into other Jews hearts...thank you very much. Reply

Anonymous September 26, 2012

Our Father, Our King Beautiful, eye opening message. Thank you! Reply

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