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Crisis in the Holy Land: A Call to Action

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As these lines are being written, the hearts and minds of Jews all over the world are with our brothers and sisters in the land of Israel;

With the kidnapped Israeli soldiers being held by cruel and vicious terrorists;

With their families and loved ones anxiously awaiting word of their fate;

With the residents of southern and northern Israel, living under a deadly rain of fire on their kindergartens and shopping centers. Most of us are hundreds or thousands of miles away; yet our very being cries out: What can we do?

With our soldiers, risking their very lives to eliminate the terrorist threat hanging over our people.

At this time, every Jew is asking him or herself: What can I do to help?

Is there anything we can do? Most of us are hundreds or thousands of miles away, in our own communities; yet our very being cries out: What can we do?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, taught us that, yes, there is something we can do.

The Rebbe taught us the power of a mitzvah.

The Rebbe's Calls to Action: A History

Peace Upon the Land
May, 1967

A talk by the Rebbe several days before the outbreak of the Six Day War, from the film Peace Upon the Land

On the eve of the Six Day War in 1967, when the entire world predicted Israel's demise, the Rebbe initiated the tefillin campaign, and assured us that great miracles are in store. He quoted the Divine promise that in the merit of the mitzvah of tefillin, "all the nations of the world will see that the name of G‑d is called upon you, and they will fear you" (Deuteronomy 28:10).


Jewish Children Bring Peace
Silence the Enemy

The Rebbe explains how Torah study weakens the enemies of Israel

In the summer of 1973, shortly before the surprise outbreak of the Yom Kippur war, the Rebbe asked that Jewish children gather to pray and say words of Torah at the Western Wall and other locations in Israel, in fulfillment of the verse, "Out of the mouths of young children You established the power... to neutralize the enemy" (Psalms 8:3).


In 1976, during the Entebbe hostage crisis, the Rebbe encouraged the fulfillment of the mitzvah of mezuzah and emphasized the protection it brings. As our Sages have said: "A human king sits inside his palace and his servants guard him from the outside. But you sleep on your beds, and G‑d guards you (i.e. through the Mezuzah on your doorposts) from the outside."


A Letter for Every Jew
Empower the Troops

A talk by the Rebbe during the 1982 Lebanon War about acquiring a letter in the Torah

In 1982, during the Lebanon War, the Rebbe initiated a campaign to have every Jew acquire a letter in a Torah scroll to foster Jewish unity.

On numerous other occasions, when the people of Israel faced threats from their enemies, the Rebbe urged us to respond by increasing in Torah study, prayer and charity.


JEM © Jewish Educational Media, all rights reserved. Jewish Educational Media produces Jewish videos for all ages and audiences. Visit to learn more.

A mitzvah, a G‑dly deed, has the power to reach deep into the core of our being--where we are all one, and the physical distance between us is of no consequence. At this core, a positive deed on our part will help bring salvation to a brother and sister in distress.

During past conflicts in the Land of Israel, and during times of danger for the Jewish people, the Rebbe made practical suggestions of mitzvot that would elicit G‑d's blessings and protection (see insert above).

Let us not underestimate the power of good! With a single good deed on our part, here and now, we can each contribute toward the victory and safety of our fellow Jews in Israel.

Take a minute to do one or more of the following. You can make a difference!

  • Torah study (suggestion: our Daily Study page contains selections from the Torah)

  • Say a prayer for the safety of Gilad ben Avivah Shalit, Eldad ben Tovah Regev, and Ehud ben Malka Goldwasser; for the soldiers of the IDF, and for all residents of the Holy Land (suggestion: Psalm 20 is traditionally said in times of distress)

  • Charity and acts of kindness: Put a coin in a charity box, give a gift of money to a fellow in need or to a charitable cause, or extend a helping hand to someone who needs it.

  • Tefillin: If you already put on tefillin every day, encourage a friend to do so. If you don't yet, now is a good time to start! Click here to find out how to put this important mitzvah into practice or contact your local Chabad center for assistance.

  • Mezuzah: If you don't yet have a mezuzah get one now! If you already do have one, it may be time to have it checked to ensure that the words on the parchment have not faded. Click here for more information about this special mitzvah.

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Film Excerpt: Peace Upon the Land

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Mazal Suzy Levy November 28, 2012

G-D will always protect ISRAEL. Reply

Ruth Valvia, Chile August 22, 2006

A call to action I think ..the only thing we can do to help our brothers and sister is to pray for them and I am sure that God will help them and give them the victory... Reply

Micheline Fayes caracas, Venezuela August 21, 2006

We must pray We must pray. We must pray for a better leadership for Israel, it seems to be now for us that they are all gone, the best of our leaders, I hope that they will come back soon.
All Israel must pray and come back to TORA, in order to look up to G-d so that all united again to one purpose , the protection of Israel the holy Land. When you are fighting a war against terrorists you must be very clear and determined to accomplish the goal that has been planned. You cannot stop, you must move forward, and never give up to the enemy time not even a second, to stop your achievment. God bless the IDF and the brave soldiers of Israel. Reply

Peter Reynders Griesheim, Germany August 19, 2006

A call to action - YES, WE NEED TO ACT Your article reveals G-d's concept of a true shalom.
I am a devout Christian pastor. I am even a German citizen. Therefore I have found myself in the lineage of those who have murdered six million of G-d's chose ones. Tomorrow morning, I will read from the pulpit major parts of your article. Then we will have a gathering of about 2000 Christians, a small number indeed. But we will seriously pray for the three Jewish soldiers. We will also pray or their tormentors who are in the chains of Islam, so that they may see the truth of the one and only G-d, do that they may walk on Rahab's path.
The rabbis of the small local Jewish remnant have accepted our invitation. We will meet and, hopefully, listened to the one and only G-d together,
Thank you so much for this article, Reply

William D. Weidman Wentzville, Mo. via August 18, 2006

Stand With Israel I am ashamed I have not said anything until now. All people in the U.S. must stand with Israel now or suffer the consequences! Too many watched as the holocaust occurred. This must not happen again!
I am a Christian, of Jewish ancestory. All Americans, conservatives and liberals, must wake up to the fact that radical Islamic fundamentalist will stop at nothing to destroy Israel and all Jews. I will stand with my Jewish brothers and sisters to stop this.
Aug. 22, is the same date in the Islamic calender fot the month of Rajab, that Saladin took Jerusalem, in 1187. Terrorist believe that to be a key date. Americans must make certain that all synagogues and Jews are kept safe on that date and always! Reply

Rick Davis Chicago, IL August 18, 2006

Teffilin I'd like to thank you for your inspirational feeling is that these acts do make a difference -- and that if a secular government was not "in control" of Israel we would not have this mess on our hands.

One thing though -- I live off disability, and cannot afford Teffilin. I suspect that I am not alone...

But one thing the Rebbe said, which always resonates with me..."if we all did just a LITTLE" more. Reply

Anonymous Woodland Hills, California August 17, 2006

Remote Viewing Why doesn't the IDF, Israeli Government, American Jews, the Remote Viewing Groups in the USA and find out where the abductees are being held? This is what they are known to be able to do. Why isn't
use being made of this asset? Reply

eli goldman bronx, NY August 17, 2006

purpose it seems like every one is living out the self fulfilling prophecy. by using violence which was prophisied in many holy texts. why dont we just see that its up to us to stop war. we must be the bigger country and cease fire. Reply

Micheline Fayes caracas, Venezuela August 16, 2006

Weapons still have hez bolla I am very worried about the big quantity of weapons that still possess Hezbollah, and more Katushka (missiles) are getting in their hands, by countries like Iran and Syria. I hope that next time they will not use chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction on the people of Israel. The terrorists are trying to give the impression to the world that they won this war, so that they must continue, with the Jihad.
Very dangerous for Israel and the whole world, we must be ready to fight the next war. Reply

David Fiebert Queens, NY August 15, 2006

Israel Has the international community gone mad? Or is it that they have given in to fear?
"Cease Fires" do not solve the problem for the long term. Why is Israel held back and criticized when it wants to defend itself? Reply

Anonymous Vancouver, WA August 13, 2006

Son's of Abraham, Ishmael and Esau ...Is there not some way the brothers can share the blessing in the land of Zion? Reply

gordon g. breecher newport beach, cal via August 13, 2006

This war I am very worried about Israel and today, especially the Israeli army.

I don'y know what's going on in Lebanon. I have no idea of the battle field situation. The thing that worries me is when I see the Israeli generals on TV. The general seem to be no older that 30..maybe.

What do I know. I've never been a general and I've never been in combat. But I spent 2 years in the army, happily during the last few months of the Korean deal, I rarely saw any one over the rank of colonel, but when I did, these men looked a bit older than 30.

Not to say that 30 is young to be a general, but these 30 year old generals, if that is indeed their ages, weren't around in th 70's when Israel was in great danger and the army performed brilliantly under Sharon, for instance.

I worry about Israel in these times. After 30 days, the greatest army in the middle east hasn't been able to go 12 miles.

That's my comment. Reply

Choni Davidowitz August 13, 2006

What can we do? Now is not the time for praying and good deeds only. The arrival of the Mashiach is imminent and all Jews must now leave the exile in the Diaspora, and return home to Eretz Yisrael.... Reply

paul samuel diVirgilio Toronto, Ontario August 11, 2006

Torah and G-d entering the struggleHow How great is our regret when an adversary does not see reason and choose the way of peace. How much greater is G-d's grief and ire when this happens... Reply

Anonymous bklyn, ny August 10, 2006

very important! it is so important for each of us who read this article, to not only forward it, but to remind those who we forward to, to have their people forward it as well, and keep it going. Otherwise, its like massaging our own shoulders......reaching only ourselves and immediate surroundings. We must work hard to get this to as many people as we can.
with best wishes, and thanks to G-d that we have this information to do what WE can do for the world and for Israel. Reply

callie walker boise, id. August 7, 2006

this website.. have enjoyed this website for yrs now, what a spitiual blessing it has been to me so many times, a lifter of my soul... being of jewish decent ( my grandfather was jewish, altho not a practicing Jew), i am just now exploring my Jewish roots, and this website is of immeasureable wealth in doing that... Reply

larry levy lake oswego, or. via August 7, 2006

pray let us all pray for the IDF Reply

GORDON G. BREECHER newport beach, ca via August 6, 2006

Healping Israel Meditate on the preservation and the safety of all Israelis and of the State ofI Israel. We'll worry about the rest of the world later. Reply

Marcy Goldsmith Phoenix, AZ August 6, 2006

What Can I Do to Help? In addition to donating money, Torah study, etc, what can I do to help Israel? For example, can I e-mail soldiers to let them know I support them; can I help pack food / clothing, etc, boxes? What can I physically do to help? Reply

draiza brk, ny August 6, 2006

thank you All Jews are responsible for each other. At a time like this we realy must pray for our brothers and for moshiach now Reply