Find Danny & Dina and their Chanukah Friends!

Danny & Dina 9 Chanukah Candles
(includes the "shamash")
2 Doughnuts 2 Chanukah Coins 2 Jugs of Oil 2 Latkes 2 Maccabee Shields 4 Smiling Dreidels
Position the bubble on the object and then click.
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Anonymous washington d.c March 29, 2017

found everything besides the second latke and second doughnut Reply

dinah idaho March 24, 2017

that was misplaced at home and i couldn't find it after two days. Next week I'm going to play the opposite game. I want to lose something i don't like to see. My fat!! ha ha. Good Shabbos everybody! Reply

Anonymous washington d.c March 24, 2017

found everything in 5 minutes!!!! Reply

Anonymous March 24, 2017

i found all of them Reply

Shmuel Gancz Suffern March 21, 2017

its so fun!!! Reply

Meir Sudak London March 21, 2017

I did it Reply

Anonymous ct March 14, 2017

found everything in 5 minutes!!!! Reply

mushka cohen los angeles March 1, 2017

found evarything first try Reply

LEAH HADASSAH February 27, 2017

very fun did like 3 times<3 love it!!!!! Reply

Dinah Idaho February 23, 2017

Chaya Mushka! I see it! Reply

chaya mushka susskind Asheville February 23, 2017

i foud danny and dina but i cant find the puple cadle Reply

levi livingston February 20, 2017

it is so good Reply

Anonymous Spring Valley February 16, 2017

i think it is fun + great!!!! but also hard !!! Reply

Gabi Yarmush Bellingham,Washington February 13, 2017

I like it. Reply

cherry January 30, 2017

can you plz make it easier?
PLZ Reply

Anonymous ashland oregon January 26, 2017

I never played for like a year and I found everything and im 9 1/2 Reply

Dinah Idaho January 23, 2017

But i started laughing at something soooo funny that tears got in the way and i can't seeee! LooLLL Sorry ^.^ Was feeling blechhkkk. Laughing is good medicine! The Best! Reply

cherry schmukler new york January 22, 2017

i cant find danny i only found dina plz answer me right away Reply

layle Nyack January 15, 2017

at first it gets complicated but then you get it! Reply

Nosson gourarie Brooklyn December 29, 2016

I love it if you try hard you will succeed
I found everything!! Reply