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Sunday, 1 Tammuz 5777 / June 25, 2017

Daily Study: Hayom Yom

Daily Study: Hayom Yom

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Sunday Tamuz 1, 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh 5703
Torah lessons: Chumash: Chukat, first parsha with Rashi.
Tehillim: 1-9.
Tanya: Ch. 9. In regard (p. 325) ...these ad infinitum. (p. 325).

Mesirat nefesh (self-sacrifice) for Torah-scholars means, "When a man dies in a tent,"1 as interpreted by our sages,2 to "put to death" all pleasure-taking in worldly matters - for even trivial wordly delights are obstacles to being thoroughly devoted and dedicated to the "tent" of Torah.

Compiled and arranged by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, in 5703 (1943) from the talks and letters of the sixth Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, of righteous memory.

See Berachot 63b: "From whence do we know that Torah knowledge permanently remains only in an individual who gives his very life (as it were) for it? From the verse, When a man dies in a tent, i.e. he gives his very life to be in the "tent of Torah," renouncing all wordly pleasures.
Daily Quote
Before coming down into this world, a soul is given an oath: "Be a righteous person, and do not be a wicked person!"
  –Talmud, Nidah 30b
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