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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calendar for: Lubavitch House @ University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia, PA   |   Contact Info
Erev Pesach ('Eve of Passover') - First Seder tonight
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Halachic Times (Zmanim)
Times for Philadelphia, PA 19104
5:10 AM
Alot Hashachar (dawn):
5:38 AM
Earliest Tallit and Tefillin:
6:33 AM
Netz Hachamah (sunrise):
6:33 AM
Earliest time for Birkat Hachamah (Sun Blessing):
9:47 AM
Latest Shema
Ideally, Birkat Hachamah before this time.:
10:52 AM
Zman Tefillah:
10:52 AM
Finish Eating Chametz before:
11:57 AM
Sell and Burn Chametz before:
1:01 PM
Chatzot (midday):
1:34 PM
Minchah Gedolah (earliest Minchah):
4:48 PM
Minchah Ketanah:
6:09 PM
Plag Haminchah:
7:13 PM
Candle Lighting:
7:31 PM
Shkiah (sunset):
8:05 PM
Tzeit Hakochovim (nightfall):
1:01 AM
Chatzot (midnight):
64:50 min.
Sha'ah Zemanit (proportional hour):