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Massacre in Jerusalem

Massacre in Jerusalem


There are no words to describe the mourning and grief; no words to rationalize or explain.

Eight young yeshivah boys gathered in a school library cruelly gunned down by beasts disguised as humans.

May G‑d welcome their holy souls into His loving embrace. And may He tenaciously avenge their blood.

My G‑d, have we not suffered enough already? How much longer will You allow Your beloved nation to suffer such tragedies? It is the month of Adar, a month when You told us to increase our joy. How, now, are we to be joyful?

We believe and trust that all You do is good. But the time has come for belief and trust to be replaced. Seeing Your goodness instead of trusting in it. Feeling your love instead of believing in it.

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg is a writer, editor and director of the curriculum department at the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. Rabbi Silberberg resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, Chaya Mushka, and their three children.
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Anonymous Roswell November 18, 2014

David Ash "And may He tenaciously avenge their blood." Reply

Dov-Bear Reidenberg North Miami Beach, Florida March 7, 2008

Such A Strong Statement Rabbi Silberberg, your statement abot the atrocity of yesterday's events in Jerusalem took my breath away. You spoke a Megillah in just a few words, and those words you have spoken I've never heard such a strong statement in my entire life.

May G-d take His revenge out on our enimies, and reap justice for those young students who loss thier lives at such a young age.

Shabbat Shalom Reply

What's the latest news? For that information, check your local or national news outlet. In this blog we will discuss the "why?"

Not "why did this event occur?" but "why did I find out about it?" There must be a reason. It must contain a lesson I can use to better myself and my surroundings. Together we will find the lessons...
Naftali SilberbergRabbi Silberberg resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, Chaya Mushka, and their three children.