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With the end of the summer and the start of the new school year, Jewish students are returning to college campuses around the world. Chabad on Campus is ready to welcome them to the heart of Jewish student life. Here is why Chabad on Campus is ideally suited for every Jew:

1. Become part of a community

Chabad on Campus International/
Chabad on Campus International/

At Chabad, Jewish students can join an active and inclusive community, meet other young Jews, bond, and find a place to call their own on campus.

2. A safe place

The Chabad House on campus is a safe space, a place where Jewish students can study or just catch up.

3. The People of the Book

Sinai Scholars
Sinai Scholars

A knowledgeable Jew is an empowered Jew. At Chabad on Campus, students are encouraged to explore Jewish learning. Chabad houses on campus offer one on one study, weekly learning opportunities, and lectures from world-class scholars. From the basics of alef-bet to the academic rigors of Sinai Scholars Society, Chabad on Campus is focused on building informed Jewish thinkers and leaders.

4. Home away from home, complete with chicken soup

It’s a place for students to kick off their shoes and settle-down with a book, bond with the rabbi, rebbetzin or their adorable kids, or get that second bowl of chicken soup.

5. Trips to Israel!

M. Lightstone/
M. Lightstone/

Last year, some 4,500 students traveled to Israel with Chabad on Campus. From Birthright trips to the acclaimed Israelinks study program, Chabad on Campus gives every Jewish student the opportunity to have an authentic and inspirational experience of the Holy Land.

6. There 24/7.


There’s a Chabad rabbi and rebbetzin always ready to listen. Even if it’s a 1:00 a.m. talk about pre-exam stress.

7. Loving and non-judgmental atmosphere

Chabad on Campus International
Chabad on Campus International

Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or a friend to give a high-five, Chabad on Campus offers a warm, open and non-judgemental environment for every Jewish student to experience.

8. Did we mention the food?

Video reenactment - not filmed on Shabbat.
Chabad House on Campus Pittsburgh, PA.
Video reenactment - not filmed on Shabbat. Chabad House on Campus Pittsburgh, PA.

Chabad on Campus offers Friday night and holiday dinners with challah, roast potatoes and, of course, chicken soup. Throw in barbecues, lunch and learns and midnight breakfasts and you have the best meal plan —for the heart and soul.

9. Joy of life

Chabad on Campus International
Chabad on Campus International

At Chabad on Campus, Judaism isn’t just observed—it’s alive! From Torah study to Jewish observances, each students is empowered to explore his or her Jewish identity and feel the true joy of being a Jew!

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