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Stuck at Home?

Stuck at Home?


By the Grace of G‑d

Do you live on the East Coast? The winter storm—classed a “bomb cyclone”—is affecting millions of people. Schools are closed, flights canceled, plans postponed—and the frigid winds make everything feel worse.

But the Torah teaches us that everything that happens to us is an opportunity. And if you are stuck at home with free time, this is a gift from G‑d. A gift that allows you to spend more time with loved ones, to relax, and most importantly, to enrich your Jewish knowledge and connection to G‑d.

We put together a few recommendations for you to enjoy and share.

(By the way, if you don’t live in the Northeast, we are jealous of you :), but seriously, feel free to enjoy this email nonetheless or forward it to someone who is affected by the storm.)

First off: Please make sure to stay warm and safe, reach out to your neighbors and relatives, especially those living alone, to make sure they are OK.

Then make yourself a warm cup of tea (hot cocoa also works) and enjoy some of the following selections:

Spend One Hour Experiencing the Rebbe’s Farbrengen

How do you view the world? Does it sometimes look like a dark, scary place? What does G‑d think of it? In this immersive, one-hour excerpt of a “farbrengen,” you will hear the Rebbe talk and the chassidim sing, and you will be transported to a higher plane. Click here to watch

Enjoy Chassidic Music

“A niggun is the pen of the soul.” In our music section, you can listen to hundreds of songs and watch many music videos of chassidic melodies, ranging from exuberant to introspective. If you are not sure where to start, we recommend this series of videos: Click here to watch

Binge-Watch a Course That Can Change Your Life

Our presenters have produced some great courses in the past years. Perhaps you joined some of them. One of most popular has been “Finding Balance.” Registration is required (but free), and you can move between episodes, take the quiz, read the comments and join the conversation.

To watch the four-part course: Click here

Fun for Kids

If you have little ones at home, you might want to check out our kids' site. You will find videos, crafts, recipes, coloring pages, stories and more. You can check it out here:

Shabbat Is Coming

Finally, don’t forget that Shabbat is coming (check when to light candles here. Use the free time you have today to learn more about this special gift from G‑d, a day of rest and rejuvenation—not only when it snows, but every single week.

Artwork displaying a Shabbat meal
Artwork displaying a Shabbat meal

And if you still have time, why don’t you whip up a batch of delicious challah, using this tried-and-true recipe?

We hope you enjoy! And as always, we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Shabbat Shalom,

Your Friends @

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Eleanor Skibo Pennsylvania, USA January 7, 2018

I became stuck at home after Hannakuh with an ailement, never fully recovered, and unfortunately didn’t get to finish Parts 3 and 4 of the Torah class, Noah Decoded. Then the artic blast had blown in mainly on the East Coast, making me feel ill all over again, and I wanted to stay in my Ark, just like Noah. Fortunately for me G d kept calling from above, and I began to have a heartfelt discussion with Hashem, asking for strength and endurance to get up out of my sick bed, just even to peek out the blinds, coming face to face with the blowing snow and the ice covered streets. During this talk with G d, I realized many happenings blow into our Iives and then they pick up and leave. It isn’t the issues that matter so much no matter how bad they may be; it’s how we deal with them and what we learn from them that counts the most. Be well, happy, loving and positive my Jewish friends, we’ll always prevail with G d in our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits. Reply

Anonymous Montréal January 5, 2018

May Hashem bless you all at!
I hope this message touches every jewish soul needing it.
This storm might become an awakening storm thanks to you. HAZAK! Reply

Michael Collins-Frias Escondido, CA USA January 4, 2018

Options for attempting warmth during winter, try and obtain a gas powered generator, in event electricity is lost a propane gas generator might keep your heater running and lights on.
Thermal underwear.
Layered clothing.
When I was stuck in my grandparents home during blizzard of 78 for 3 weeks, we used wood burning fireplace for heat, cook food and survival on a pot belly stove for approximately 9 of us. We lived as poor but our home was warm. Our belly full our hopes alive and happy with our family. Reply

Vivienne K January 4, 2018

Stuck at Home? Each night this week during my Torah study time, I read sections of Tehillim /Psalm 119.
Tonight, I watched and listened to the workshop I had registered and taken months ago and it was again inspiring.
Although, it is a stormy, snowy day and evening my time was spent well during this and other suggestions that was enlightening, some humorous and completed the day with a section of the workshop on ‘Finding Balance.’
Thanks for this suggestion. Reply

MB USA January 4, 2018

Thank you Chabad! Reply

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