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Did You Notice Anything Different?

Did You Notice Anything Different?


Dear Friend,

Chances are that you are reading this message on your smartphone. A decade ago, you might have been viewing it on your desktop computer, possibly even in Internet Explorer. As the way online content is delivered changes, so must the way we display it.

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve changed the layout of this email. We’ve given each item a larger image, removed a lot of the clutter, and most importantly, optimized it to fit on your device.

Our design and development teams worked hard to give you the best reading experience, and we’re pleased with the results. Feel free to share your impressions (both compliments and critiques) with us so that we can continue to tweak and perfect our communications with you.

Thanks in advance,

The Editorial Team

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Karen Sullivan Buffalo April 5, 2017

Thanks so much. Now it is so easy to read on my phone Reply

Marilyn Bayside, N.Y. March 26, 2017 times amusing ..
CN..wants you to use names, but doesn't include his own Reply

Anonymous March 30, 2017
in response to Marilyn :

This is to Marilyn
Could CN have been a her and not a his as presumed . Or if an older couple a we . The old format had the names , and it was good.
For Seniors at 80 plus with limited mobility even smal changes can make a big difference . CHABAD is a blessing ,receiving our daily mail , is like receiving a message from God . With Torah study, wonderful Articles andVideos , connecting to the outside world. We are very greatful .
Thank you
Anonymous editor Reply

Anonymous CN March 26, 2017

Please put the speakers or writers name on the outside of the video or articles .
Thank you Reply

Jay Fulton March 24, 2017

The old format was the better for me. As I can see with older Chabad Magazine issues I do not see any "clutter". I am a senior citizen using a somewhat older I-Mac and when I enlarge the printing of your message, there seems to be a smaller screen size for the right margin and I cannot read any full message unless I reduce the magnification. Reply

howard Dothan March 22, 2017

Thank you.. Reply Staff via March 22, 2017

To Howard We are making a note of all the comments and suggestions and will keep them in mind as we tweak the new design. Thank you! Reply

howard Dothan March 22, 2017

Is anyone on your staff replying or responding to the complaints ?
Your changes need some fine tuning...Like autowrap to ensure we can read the last words on each line. I have noticed several others ask the same ... Reply

Anonymous March 22, 2017

Please set text to autowrap
Please, set the text to autowrap. As it is, it's impossible to read the last word(s) on each line. Reply

Latrall Simon March 21, 2017

New Design I like it. Reply

Anonymous March 20, 2017

New design It is a better layout for reading on a phone, but worse for reading on a tablet (at least for my tablet--a Samsung Android devise using google chrome browser)--the font ends up shrunken to a hard to read size and can't be increased easil. Reply

Marilyn Finkel Bayside, N.Y. March 20, 2017

New layout very pleasing.
Surely would appreciate timely relevant information.

stefano pesce ITALY March 20, 2017

boker tov,i believe your layout is amazing, I didn't think it was possible, shalom Reply

Anonymous CN March 20, 2017

Thank you for listening. It would be nice if we could get the video channels. In the e mail ,if you do I don't know where to find them, I also miss the short info What the Video is about and mostly who the speaker is before you push the watch button. Also was wonderful to be able to go back to previous video or next, to take a peak to see what's next. I rely much on Videos because of Vision Problems and bigger didn't make it better also a little more info on the Articles who the writer is, Changes are much harder for us older folks ,specially when they are so drastic . We want to thank you for all the wonderful teaching you providing, it is truly a blessing.

Anonymous dn ephraim March 19, 2017

actually mght be a tad to large for google mail - everything used to come up readable now a little large Reply

Anonymous UK March 18, 2017

Spot on for me Reply

Anonymous CN. March 18, 2017

Could you at least put the names of the Rabbi or person that wrote the article back on for information ,and also for the Videos. You made the new format to fit the phone users. but most of us still use the I Pads , Lap Tops ,or computers at home sitting in their easy chairs. Or studying preparing for a Torah class. Reply

Michael Berman Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! March 17, 2017

Layout of Email! I for one apreciate all you do to make our reading enjoyment more pleaseable.
I very much like the cleanliness of the new forma, and thank you once again for all you do. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn March 17, 2017

Smartphone layout Many people still use desktop computers. It's fine to make a new layout that you think will be good for smartphone users, but I wish you would acknowledge that using desktop is okay also. Reply

Rose Virginia March 17, 2017

layout isn't working for me When I clicked on the site on my laptop, I was unable to see all the text. It seemed to cut off the last few words of every sentence. Reply

Anonymous March 17, 2017

Set the text to autowrap. As it is, I cannot read the last word(s) on each line. Reply

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