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Pictures with a Purpose

From the World I Perceive Him

From the World I Perceive Him

A remarkable leaf in Ithaca, NY


G‑d looked into the Torah and created the world. (Zohar)

Man can look into the world and see G‑d.
A simple leaf declares the love that G‑d invested in His creations.

Michoel is an innovative educator, outdoor enthusiast and avid photographer. Michoel grew up in Australia where he used the 'Outback' to refine his photography skills. He pursued studies at Mayanot in Israel, the Rabbinical College of America in New Jersey and Rabbinical studies at Kollel Menachem in Brooklyn NY. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Sarah, and daughter. Read more about his organization at
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Discussion (3)
July 5, 2013
A Simple Leaf
Your Vision is Extraordinary and Your Poetry, beautifully insightful. My Feelings are so aroused and inspired by your spiritual insight: I love Nature, even as a child and would stop to look at 'different leaves' the colors and textures - I seem to have such an affinity and now, you have given me a Jewish Perspective, which enlightens my heart and soul - thank you and I look forward to receiving your incredible pictures and insight. I am a senior, 76 years young and continue to thrive on nature and help my grand and great-grand children open up their hearts and soul.
Rhoda Gelman
Seaside, Oregon
February 6, 2013
Only G-d can make a tree!
G. Frederick Firkey
January 30, 2013
יישר כח!
What an excellent skill & what a vision?!
יישר כח!
The Baal Shem Tov taught that "everything a person sees is a lesson in the service of G-d." Join Michoel on a weekly photo shoot to explore the wisdom of Torah and Chassidic thought through the camera's lens.
OneinfocusOneinfocus is committed to educating and inspiring people on a global scale, using photography and other forms of visual technology to spread Torah, Chassidus and positive life values.