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I Teach Torah in Hot Weather!

I Teach Torah in Hot Weather!

Hi my name is Mushka. I am six and a half years old. I live in Cancun, Mexico. I love learning Torah and teaching people. Some people think that in Cancun it is too hot to teach Torah, but I teach people Torah anyway. I go to school in a very cool place: I go to school on the computer. I talk to my teachers and friends in an online classroom every day. It's really fun doing school on the computer because it is very cool.

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Discussion (11)
December 10, 2014
go Mushka
Go mushka you the best (she is in my class)
January 18, 2014
Hey mushka! I want you to know, that you are doing a HUGE mitzva! keep up the good work!!
malka sima
January 1, 2014
hello mushka again none shall look at the the other comment you may just know my name Mushka!
Mushka Druk
November 19, 2013
that sounds awesome
miami beach
November 5, 2013
so am i
i am also in online school mushka
Mina Ettel Tiechtel
August 13, 2013
hi mushka i also go to that school i saw you in a video and i also live in a hot place, and i am also on shlichus in a place where we speak spanish
chana feigelstock
August 11, 2013
thank you shaina brocha
mushka druk
July 16, 2013
Hi Mushka
Hellow from the Rodal's remember we came to visit you in your chabad house?
It is nice to see a post from you
Leibele Rodal
July 15, 2013
chaya sara Roitblat
Hi Mushka,I hope you saw what i wrote. I really like what you wrote.

Love your cousin ,

chaya sara.
sara roitblat
July 10, 2013
go mushka!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
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