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#TefillinForYitzi #ShineALittleLight

February 13, 2018


As a regular reader of, you may know Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz through his writings. Or perhaps you came to him through his music. If you’re like us, you are probably in awe of this special man, who refuses to let ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) stop him from sharing laughter, joy and optimism. All he is able to do physically is move his eyes—he even types on the computer that way—and smile. Yet he spends hours and hours “writing” Torah thoughts and inspirational messages.

This week, Rabbi Yitzi turns 46. Friends, admirers and students all over the world are getting together to give him the greatest birthday gift they can think of: 4,600 Jewish men will put on tefillin in his honor. Between us, we’ve been in in touch with Rabbi Yitzi, and he told us that he is super excited and touched by the gesture, and he looks forward to seeing the photos from everyone who participates.

So please click here for details on how you can get involved in this international effort!

#TefillinForYitzi #ShineALittleLight

The Editorial Team Is on the Radio

February 13, 2018

What do you listen to during your commute, while you exercise or whenever you find a few quiet moments?

We are thrilled to share the news with you: had launched a new Internet radio station!

This new station (listen online here) broadcasts Torah classes 24/6. At any time of day or night (except on Shabbat), you will be able to enjoy our best presenters lecturing on Torah, Chassidic teachings, halachah (Jewish law) and other inspiration.

While millions already learn online and download podcasts, there has been a tremendous demand for streaming Torah classes. Whether you are driving and unable to browse or if you prefer the convenience of pre-selected content, this new channel might be just what you’ve been looking for. Start listening today! Radio is available on iOS and Android, as well as on TuneIn and Simple Radio (search for “”).

We hope you enjoy it! And please do provide us feedback. We will be waiting for it.

3,500 Chabad Centers Now Just a Swipe Away

'Chabad Nearby’ app helps users find their nearest Chabad House and more!

January 29, 2018

There are more than 3,500 Chabad-Lubavitch institutions in 100 countries around the world, and it just became easier than ever to find themno matter if you’re backpacking in Peru, touring Italy or out for lunch in Los Angeles.’s newest app, “Chabad Nearby,” lets users locate the nearest Chabad center with the tap of a finger.

“Chabad Nearby” uses’s directory to pinpoint Chabad centers by distance and location, as well as show how to find upcoming classes, events and services anywhere in the world. After you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can contact the center directly through the app (and even make a donation).

“This app brings awareness to the true breadth and depth of Chabad around the world,” says Rabbi Dov Dukes, who leads our app development team. “Now, Jewish experiences can be found even more easily, no matter where you are in the world.”

Additional features include the ability to save centers for easy access, view a list of services offered at each center, access one-click directions, and click to call. The app also provides the local time at each center (so you don’t accidentally call at 2 a.m.).

The family of apps is made possible by the generous partnership of Dovid and Malkie Smetana, Alan and Lori Zekelman, the Meromim Fund, and Moris and Lillian Tabacinic.

Download “Chabad Nearby” today on both iOSand Android.

What's Up on WhatsApp?

January 8, 2018


We wrote you a few months ago about the great stuff we’ve been sharing on WhatsApp. Since then, more and more content is being sent out (almost) every day.

Here’s what you need to know to get into the game: Our WhatsApp number is +1 (570) 543-2125. You need to save that number in order to receive our messages. Then, message us with the word “CHABAD,” and we’ll add you to our list.

Here is what you can then expect:

#StorySunday: a beautiful Jewish story to start your week right.
#TorahTuesday: a video with a lesson on the Torah portion of the week.
#WonderingWednesday: an intriguing Q&A from our Ask the Rabbi Team.
#ThoughtfulThursday: a though-provoking message by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman.
And every Friday, we send you a sharable poster with Shabbat times in major cities all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you on WhatsApp!

The WhatsApp Team

Stuck at Home?

January 4, 2018

By the Grace of G‑d

Do you live on the East Coast? The winter storm—classed a “bomb cyclone”—is affecting millions of people. Schools are closed, flights canceled, plans postponed—and the frigid winds make everything feel worse.

But the Torah teaches us that everything that happens to us is an opportunity. And if you are stuck at home with free time, this is a gift from G‑d. A gift that allows you to spend more time with loved ones, to relax, and most importantly, to enrich your Jewish knowledge and connection to G‑d.

We put together a few recommendations for you to enjoy and share.

(By the way, if you don’t live in the Northeast, we are jealous of you :), but seriously, feel free to enjoy this email nonetheless or forward it to someone who is affected by the storm.)

First off: Please make sure to stay warm and safe, reach out to your neighbors and relatives, especially those living alone, to make sure they are OK.

Then make yourself a warm cup of tea (hot cocoa also works) and enjoy some of the following selections:

Spend One Hour Experiencing the Rebbe’s Farbrengen

How do you view the world? Does it sometimes look like a dark, scary place? What does G‑d think of it? In this immersive, one-hour excerpt of a “farbrengen,” you will hear the Rebbe talk and the chassidim sing, and you will be transported to a higher plane. Click here to watch

Enjoy Chassidic Music

“A niggun is the pen of the soul.” In our music section, you can listen to hundreds of songs and watch many music videos of chassidic melodies, ranging from exuberant to introspective. If you are not sure where to start, we recommend this series of videos: Click here to watch

Binge-Watch a Course That Can Change Your Life

Our presenters have produced some great courses in the past years. Perhaps you joined some of them. One of most popular has been “Finding Balance.” Registration is required (but free), and you can move between episodes, take the quiz, read the comments and join the conversation.

To watch the four-part course: Click here

Fun for Kids

If you have little ones at home, you might want to check out our kids' site. You will find videos, crafts, recipes, coloring pages, stories and more. You can check it out here:

Shabbat Is Coming

Finally, don’t forget that Shabbat is coming (check when to light candles here. Use the free time you have today to learn more about this special gift from G‑d, a day of rest and rejuvenation—not only when it snows, but every single week.

Artwork displaying a Shabbat meal
Artwork displaying a Shabbat meal

And if you still have time, why don’t you whip up a batch of delicious challah, using this tried-and-true recipe?

We hope you enjoy! And as always, we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

Shabbat Shalom,

Your Friends @

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